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The place where the culture meets the majesty of nature and the magic of alternative tourism.
The Northern Corfu, the most qualitative side of the island, develop high quality forms of alternative tourism adding to the visitors’ experiences more value, while preserving its natural and architectural environment 
Acharavi, Sidari, Kassiopi, Peroulades, Roda, Peritheia, Pantokratoras, Karousades and many more small villages of Northern Corfu lead the tourist marketing to the 22nd century and Alter is here to present all notable actions, events, products of all sectors private and companies, through articles, dedications, documentaries, videos and news.







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400 χρόνια «Αυλιωτινό καρναβάλι». Είστε έτοιμοι;

Το ραντεβού για φέτος την Καθαρά Δευτέρα στις 15:00 απο τον Πολιτιστικό Σύλλογο Αυλιωτών σε συνεργασια με την Περιφέρεια Ιονίων Νήσων

Το «Αυλιωτινό» καρναβάλι, είναι μία παράδοση τουλάχιστον τετρακοσίων ετών, που τις ρίζες του τις συναντά κάποιος στα διονυσιακά δρώμενα. Ξεκίνησε όταν η Κέρκυρα κάτω από την κυριαρχία και την επιρροή των Ενετών, μετά την «πόρβερη» δηλαδή την πούδρα, τις «ρόντολες», (σερπαντίνες) και τις « πομπέτες» (νερωμένες κολόνιες), θέλησε να δώσει τη δική της ταυτότητα στις Απόκριες και να περάσει από τους άρχοντες και τους ευγενείς, στους χωρικούς και τα δουλικά. Ήταν ουσιαστικά μία διεκδίκηση στη διασκέδαση, που παραχωρήθηκε, στους ντόπιους από τους Ενετούς, μετά από πολλές αντιδράσεις. Έτσι τους επιτράπηκε, μόνο την Καθαρά Δευτέρα, να γλεντούν την Αποκριά. Έκτοτε το δρώμενο, εξελίσσεται στο απομακρυσμένο από την πόλη της Κέρκυρας, βορεινό χωριό, τους Αυλιώτες, όπου και πήρε τα όνομά του.

Κύριο χαρακτηριστικό του είναι τα άρματα και οι ζωόμορφες μεταμφιέσεις και οι «πινιάτες», το μουτζούρωμα δηλαδή του προσώπου και των ακρών από τη «γάνα», τη μαυρίλα, που είχαν οι κατσαρόλες στον πάτο τους.

Οι στολές, βασιζόντουσαν κάποτε στις προβιές των ζώων, που με υποτυπώδες «μουζέτες» (μάσκες), γίνονταν όλοι «κουκούγεροι» (παραμορφωμένοι), έχοντας έτσι εξασφαλίσει τη δυνατότητα να μην είναι αναγνωρίσιμοι και να μπορούν πειράξουν και να κοροϊδέψουν ακόμη και τους άρχοντες του τόπου.

Με την πάροδο του χρόνου και την απελευθέρωση των Κερκυραίων από τον ενετικό ζυγό, το Καρναβάλι των Αυλιωτών, έγινε το έθιμο της Κέρκυρας για την Καθαρά Δευτέρα, κρατώντας ακόμη ζωντανές τις μνήμες και τις παραδόσεις του νησιού.

Σήμερα πρόκειται για τη μεγαλύτερη καρναβαλιστική πομπή που διεξάγεται στην ύπαιθρο. Ένα διαρκές πολύωρο ξεφάντωμα, με χορό, τραγούδι, «πικάντικά» σκετς και συγκροτήματα που ετοιμάζονται πολλούς μήνες νωρίτερα.

Η αθυροστομία και τα πειράγματα είναι βασικά στοιχεία του αυλιώτινου Καρναβαλιού, με τον ανδρικό «κόρο» (χορωδία) να πρωτοστατεί με ένα βιωματικό τραγούδι της Αποκριάς, που αποτελεί ουσιαστικά έναν ιδιωματικό ύμνο στη Σαρακοστή και την Καθαρά Δευτέρα

«…Καλώς τη Σαρακοστή, την Καθαρά Δευτέρα. Γεια σου, χρυσέ μου άγγελε, χρυσή μου περιστέρα. Αυτές οι μέρες τό ΄χουνε κι αυτές οι δυο βδομάδες. Να τραγουδάνε τα παιδιά, να χαίρονται οι μανάδες. Καλώς ανταμωθήκαμε φίλοι κι αγαπημένοι, κι από χαράς χαρούμενοι και καλοκαρδισμένοι…» αναφέρουν χαρακτηριστικά κάποιοι από τους στίχους.

Από το καρναβάλι των Αυλιωτών δε λείπει βέβαια η σκωπτική του μορφή, ο καυτηριασμός όλων των πολιτικών εξελίξεων, με τους πολιτικούς και τους άρχοντες του τόπου να έχουν κάθε χρόνο την «τιμητική» τους. Οι καρναβαλιστές με μία μοναδική διάθεση κάθε χρόνο, με τη δική τους θεατρικότητα, τον αυτοσχεδιασμό και τη ζωντάνια τους, καυτηριάζουν την πολιτική και κοινωνική ζωή, όχι μόνο της Ελλάδας, αλλά και της Ευρώπης.

Το ντόπιο μπρούσκο κρασί διατίθεται σε όλους τους παρευρισκομένους θεατές του Αυλιωτινού καρναβαλιού, για να τους κρατάει «ζεστούς» λόγω των χαμηλών θερμοκρασιών στο χωριό, αλλά και να τους προκαλεί την ανάλογη ευθυμία που επιτάσσει το συγκεκριμένο μοναδικό έθιμο της Κέρκυρας.

Mar 05, 2019
Chris Coco after his summer residency in Ibiza is back to 7th Heaven with his sunset sounds this Sunday

Chris Coco - Who is he? What does he do?

Chris Coco has been working as a DJ since the acid house explosion of the late 80s. He has edited DJ magazine, worked for BBC Radio 1 on the after hours show The Blue Room. He has made artist albums for Warp and Distinctive Records. He has made compilations for Playboy, Ministry of Sound, EMI Classical and Trojan Records. His music has appeared on many compilations including the big ones, Cafe Del Mar and Hotel Costes. His music has been featured Sex And The City, Nip Tuck, House and many other TV shows.
He currently broadcasts and syndicates a weekly electronic music radio show called Melodica and runs his label, Melodica Recordings, out of his studio/office in London.

His music style has developed from those original house beginnings and draws on those years of experience. His club/festival/party sets are mainly proper house featuring the best of the current releases and a selection of classics with a little slo mo disco and a few eclectic surprises thrown in. His sunset/beach sets are more laid back and eclectic, and are also something special.

Chris Coco Biography

Chris Coco is a tastemaker, DJ, broadcaster, producer, music curator, musician and journalist. He is currently promoting his new artist album Freedom Street on his label MelodicaRecordings.

His radio show, Melodica, is growing from it’s online home on Mixcloud to include broadcasts in cities from Sydney to Istanbul to Chicago. The Guardian called it “the hazy, lazy sound of the summer”. Listen to weekly shows at The radio show is now a record label too. MelodicaRecordings has been operating since mid 2011. Top release so far is probably the Balearic hit Summer Breezin’ by 3 Balearos. MelodicaRecordings website With a monthly residency at the noted East London dinner dance Disappearing Dining Club; plus regular gigs at big festivals Bestival, Glastonbury and Nova; at cool venues like Concrete and Star of Bethnal Green in London, Big Chill Bar in Bristol and international shows from Space in Ibiza to KuDeTa in Bali, Chris is a busy live DJ too. For more info contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current projects and recent successes:

Melodica: Weekly radio show. Listen to the latest online at MelodicaRecordings: MelodicaRecordings website
Freedom Street: Chris Coco album project on MelodicaRecordings.
Lazy Summer: Annual mix/compilation CD for top Italian label Cool D:Vision, now in it’s third successful year.

Key career moments:

2012 nominated in Chillout category for second year in a row in Ibiza DJ Awards. Released LP Freedom Street. 2011 – started MelodicaRecordings record label. 2009 – started Melodica, new radio show; made Feel Free Live Good album for Big Chill Recordings.
2008 – started band – City Reverb, cult single releases Time Side On, Central Heating and City Of Lights and live appearances at festivals including Glastonbury and Green Man and a special show at Tate Britain preceded an album called Lost City Folk. 2008 - presented Live Work Music for Ministry of Sound Radio.
2005-2008 - presented Bank Holiday Chillout and music documentaries for BBC Radio 2. 2006 – DJ on Robbie Williams world tour at all 64 shows and DJ warm up sets at many dates including San Siro, Milan; Parc Des Princes, Paris and The Bowl, Milton Keynes. 2002-2006 - presented Blue Room on BBC Radio 1 legendary, much loved late night weekend show with Rob Da Bank.
1999 – the present – Freelance DJ and producer, DJing on every continent except Antarctica. Djing at all the major clubs in Ibiza; at many major festivals including Glastonbury, Roskilde, Big Chill, Bestival; on tours of Australia, Far East, USA and many other places. Over the years, making compilations including Real Ibiza series, Solar Spectrums series, Blue Balearic, Dub Club, Chillin’ at the Playboy Mansion, Ministry of Sound Sessions, The Big Freeze and Acoustic Chill.
1990s – Editor of DJ Magazine pioneering dance music bible covering the club scene in its heyday. 1980s – DJ in Brighton, England pioneering early acid house scene, resident at Coco Club at Zap Club.

Selected discography Chris Coco

Key releases:
2012 – Chris Coco – Freedom Street LP on Melodica Recordings.
2010 – Chris Coco – Feel Free Live Good LP on Big Chill Recordings.
2009 - City Reverb – Lost City Folk LP with band and several singles including successful Central Heating (Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith Remix).
2008 – Normalites – EP Including Pink Skyscraper, featuring on next Hotel Costes compilation.
2005 – Chris Coco – Heavy Mellow LP including Drifting featured in Toyota Prius European campaign.
2002 – Chris Coco – Next Wave LP including favourite Falling, featured on many TV shows including Nip Tuck, a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross feat Peter Green and a cover of Velvet Underground’s’ Sunday Morning feat Nick Cave.
2001 – CocoDaSilva – Saudade – One of a series of 12” singles on Kismet records, an ongoing collaboration with dance producer Rui DaSilva.
2000 – Coco & Stonebridge – The Beach Big room club tune collaboration with dance producer Stonebridge. 1999 – Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – Yachts lounge favourite, featured on many TV shows and ads incl Sex & The City and Frexinet, Spain.
1994 – Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – It LP for Warp Records including club classic Feel It.


Sep 12, 2018
The famous DJ Phil Mison (Cantoma) from London, on the decks of 7th Heaven, on Sunday

The famous DJ Phil Mison (Cantoma) from London, on the decks of atmospheric 7th Heaven, Logas Beach Peroulades, on Sunday 2nd of September, with Balearic beats in the sunset

Phil Mison is a London-based DJ, composer, and music producer who has released solo work under the names of Cantoma and Reverso 68. Mison is best known for his compositions in the Balearic, ambient and electronica musical genres, which has been described as "sophisticated, exotic, and close-to-the-bone, mutable yet cohesive" by reviewer Christina Roden.

Mison is especially famous in the Balearic music scene, where he has been described as a "pioneer" and a "goliath" of that genre.

Mison began DJing at London's Milk Bar in 1991 where he played warm-up sets for other artists. He lists as his influences popular DJs such as José Padilla, who helped him get his start after a chance meeting, whereupon Mison began a two-year stint at Ibiza's Café Del Mar.

Mison, as Cantoma, currently releases albums under the auspices of Leng Records.

Aug 30, 2018
Explore Old Perithia, Acharavi & Kalami on the cosmopolitan northern Corfu

With Corfu Private Tours  BOOK NOW


First stop will be Acharavi village. Acharavi is a village 37km away from Corfu town on the northwest part of Corfu, built on a flat area with an extensive sandy beach, which is one of the largest in Corfu. Along the coastal area there are many restaurants and caffes where you can taste the local food and drink some of the local wine. At Acharavi you will be able to visit the Folklore Museum of Acharavi. Historical mementos, photographs, drawings and historical texts are exhibited with much love and care in the museum linking the past to the present time of Corfu history. These objects reflect the famous Corfiot tradition and the local civilization that has been shaped over the last three centuries.From Acharavi it is very easy to visit many picturesque villages and other abandoned ones . In this tour we have chosen for you the village Old Perithia.

On the green slopes of Pantokrator, the tallest mountain of Corfu island, it is situated the abandoned village of Old Peritheia. Most scholars agree that the name of the village comes, because of its many churches, from the phrase “About the Divine ” ( Peri=About and Theia=Divine ). Into the village you will be able to admire the numerous venetian style buildings and churches and of course enjoy a wonderful meal in one of the recent created taverns into the old buildings of the village. Old Peritheia has been known the last years apart from its historical value, and for its great food.

On the green slopes of Pantokrator, the tallest mountain of Corfu island, it is situated the abandoned village of Old Peritheia. Most scholars agree that the name of the village comes, because of its many churches, from the phrase “About the Divine ” ( Peri=About and Theia=Divine ). Into the village you will be able to admire the numerous venetian style buildings and churches and of course enjoy a wonderful meal in one of the recent created taverns into the old buildings of the village. Old Peritheia has been known the last years apart from its historical value, and for its great food.


The Venetian village of Old Perithia

The island of Corfu, often described as the ‘Emerald island’, is well known for its Venetian architecture, beautiful beaches, turquoise seas, abundance of flora and fauna, Greek tavernas and a wonderful sense of hospitality wherever you go. But to many, the ancient village of Old Peritheia remains something of an enigma.

This historic 'Heritage Protected' village is in 'A Designated Area of Natural Beauty', situated on the attractive north east corner of the island, and just below Mount Pantokrator (The Almighty). It is the oldest example of the original mountain villages of Corfu. Records date back to the mid 14th century, although it is considered to have been inhabited many centuries before. Around 130 houses were built, entirely by hand, some of which have now fallen into ruins, many of which are now under restoration.

The village, once inhabited by approximately 1200 people, was one of the wealthiest on the island, surrounded by vines, oak trees and thousands of sheep that roamed across the mountainside. To this day, with its cobbled streets and ancient houses, the atmosphere retains its warmth and friendliness. Encircled by eight churches and nestling beneath the island's highest mountains, Old Peritheia is set amidst beautiful countryside with views to the sea, it was once a hideaway from Pirate attacks.

‘Suspended in time’ the village remains an enchanting discovery for visitors from all over the world. So whether you want to enjoy a great day out, step back in time, walk in the mountains, or just relax in one of the four tavernas and sample some locally sourced and home cooked food, then visit Old Peritheia and discover why it continues to hold a special place in the hearts of visitors and Corfiots alike, summer and winter, year after year.

The village is best visited by car as there is limited parking, or on foot - but it's quite a walk. You can do a self-guided tour of the village, and there are maps to guide you at the top of the village and by the B&B. You can explore by yourself, or buy the Official Guide Book and Walking Tour of Old Peritheia from the B&B at the top of the village (the author also lives there too) or at the 4 village tavernas.



Acharavi is situated in the middle of the northern coast of Corfu. Took its name from ancient word “achari” meaning graceless and “ivi” meaning puberty, due to the malaria plague all young people had a pale yellow aspect. It’s a small town where gathered all public services and a lot of tourist shops. It’s the center and the capital of the former municipality of Thinali representing a notable tourist center of Northern Corfu.

The tourist resort is situated 37 km from Corfu town and represents a special attraction for visitors. The settlement of Acharavi is built on highlands with rich vegetation. Its most impressive sandy beach, among the largest on the island, reaches more than 8 km, while its shallow waters are perfect for children. Here you can find set up for sea sports and sea games. Along the beach there are a lot of taverns and coffee shops.

Also you can find hotels and rental rooms where you can stay. In Acharavi area there are a lot of clubs, associations covering wide-ranging cultural and sports activities. If you love sightseeing, you can visit a lot of picturesque villages and other deserted as Palia (Old) Peritheia and Sinies, the Episkepsi village and the ruins of Roman baths. You can admire also natural landmark as Antinioti lagoon and the Nymphes (Nymphs) valley where the famous koum-kouat is cultivated. In Acharavi you can visit also the Folkloric Museum of Northern Corfu.

Acharavi is the place you must see in Corfu. With a large number of sights to discover and enjoy the town won’t stop to thrill you. As an undeniably popular tourist destination, Acharavi will offer you an unforgettable escape by its famous sights and its excellent food.

You can reach the beach by a lot of alleys started from the main road. The around area is plane with short vegetation on its background raises the Pantokratoras Mountain. Acharavi is perfect for those who desire comforts at the same time with quiet and relaxed time on the beach.

The Acharavi town was not built for tourist purposes but forms the larger centre of Northern area where available services as post office, bank, hair saloon, florist shop etc.

Acharavi is connected with Corfu town, Roda and Sidari by buses with daily timetable.



Kalami is a small, picturesque, seaside village built around a bay and above the homonymous, enchanting beach. This region has few houses but, it has many touristy lodgings, mainly rentable rooms, villas and apartments. Kalami is mostly known for the house of the English writer Lawrence Durrell, who lived there during the decade of the 30s. The house is located near the sea and today it has been converted to a guest house. It is the so-called white house. The location on which Kalami is, is truly idyllic.

The vegetation is vast and it reaches until the sea. Kalami is suitable for those who desire calm, relaxing vacations in nature, away from crowds and intense, nocturnal entertainment. In the village you will find mini markets with souvenirs and other touristy items. On the beach there are taverns and bars where, you can enjoy your coffee or your drink with a view of the sea.

From Kalami you can also rent a boat in order to explore the nearby, beautiful beaches Agni and Kouloura.


The Corfu Private Tours

Our company has been operating in the tourism sector for more than 20 years with our main objective being tailored made private tours as well as the transport of our visitors to wherever they want to go.

Our first concern all these years is to remain a local company that is distinguished for our hosting, our interest to communicate with visitors, to laugh together, to show you “non-commercial” parts of the island and to make you feel as many emotions as possible when in Corfu.

Corfu Private Tours offers private package tours that offer the Corfu visitor a different view than the “standard” all-in-one tours, with a different tour for every kind of visitor available at very reasonable prices.

Through our tours we want to give our guests the experience of being Corfiot by introducing them to our spectacular green mountains and forests, the crystal blue waters of the Ionian Sea, the local traditions and villages, as well as the homemade Corfiot cuisine.

You will be picked up at the entrance of your hotel or the main port of Corfu if you are a cruise ship traveler. Throughout your tour you will be offered VIP service in an air-conditioned, non-smoking environment, with a fridge, TV and free drinking bottled water to keep you hydrated throughout your private mini bus tour.

Our mini bus accommodates private and small group tours, but we can easily organize a bus tour if your group exceeds 16 passengers. All Corfu tours can be changed according to your preferences and we can even arrange for a professional guide to accompany your tour so that you get the most accurate historical information for each place you visit.

Our mini bus Corfu tours are flexible to suit your preferences, unique in the places they visit, affordable with their prices and always on time following your time schedule.

Our mini bus private tours company has been created to satisfy even the strangest demands for a Corfu tour. We make sure that you will experience the Corfiot lifestyle, making you feel like a local and not just as a visitor or a tourist.

Our mini bus private tours are 100% custom made. We offer you the best of Corfu but ultimately it comes down to you and what you really want to see and do. Our prices are highly competitive too so why not ask us for a quote today?

General Tourist Office
Emporiko Kentro Alepou 49100, Corfu

Tsirigotis Spiros
Mobile No +30 6973 3302 23


Aug 29, 2018
From N.Y, το Logas | Nickodemus & Nappy G, on the decks of 7th Heaven, on Sunday

For the first time in Corfu, the powerful twin from New York, Nickodemus and Nappy G on the decks of 7th Heaven, Logas Beach Peroulades, on Sunday 26th of August.

This special dj set shall present at the atmospheric 7th Heaven: Nickodemus, among other, will present songs of his new album, "A Long Engagement", and Nappy G putting to beats behind it with live percussion.

Support Jorge and Lucien Dubazz.


Nickodemus creates & DJ's music from all parts of the World, rooted in Club Music from his upbringings in NYC. He has 3 albums entitles "Endangered Species" (2005), "Sun People" (2009) & "Moon People" (2012).

His highlights include the songs "Cleopatra in New York" & "Mariposa" featuring Carol C (Si Se), "Mi Swing es Tropical" by Nickodemus & Quantic feat. Tempo, "Sun Children" feat. The Real Live Show as well as remixes for Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Mr Scruff feat. Alice Russell, Thievery Corporation, Miguel Migs, The Balkan Beat Box, Quantic & many more.
He's currently working on his 4th album aimed straight at the club dance floors Worldwide in 2015. His long running Turntables on the Hudson NYC party has travelled river to river city to city including the Nile (Cairo), the Thames (London), the Agean (Kalymnos), las Ramblas (Barcelona), the Danube (Budapest & more...

With a wide range of music, from international dub & downtempo to house & electronic, Nickodemus has been DJ'ing for clubs & festivals for over 15 years & has been part of the following & many more:

WORLDWIDE Festival Sete, Mi Casa es su Casa Festival Mexico, Central Park Summer Stage NYC, WOMAD Festival Australia & New Zealand, Adelaide Festival, Days Like This Festival, Centro Festival Colombia, Brooklyn Bridge Park Festival, Cielo Club NYC, Space After Dark IBIZA, Le Bain, Output NYC, Brooklyn Bowl, Nacelle Cairo, Louie and Chan NYC, Earthdance USA and Shambala Canada


Nappy G (a.k.a. G-Don) is a Brooklyn-based producer,dj & long-time percussionist in NYC’s dance club scene. A veteran frontman in his own right,Nappy G has shifted his energies & used his musical expertise to become a respected beatmaker & digital music composer, as well as video editor/director.

As a DJ, NAPPY G is known for his unique take on Latin rhythms & Afro-based sounds, flavored & accented by his deep history of Soul, Hiphop & Funk.

In 2011, he has created a new style of music that fuses these sounds & it’s called the “FUNKY PASSPORT” sound! This style brings together uptempo music (Tropicales,Latin House,Electro,Kuduro,Afro House,Bailefunk,Samba),mixes it with midtempo sounds (Moombahton,Funky Breaks,Bhangra,NuSoul), spices it up with rare traditional classic sounds from all over the globe (Reggae,Salsa,Cumbia,Souk,Rumba,Tropicalia,etc.) & turns up the heat with Global Hiphop from countries all over the world!

The FUNKY PASSPORT sound is feeding peoples’ souls & lighting up dancefloors everywhere NAPPY G plays.




Aug 24, 2018


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