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There are plenty of places that are worth seeing

The place where the culture meets the majesty of nature and the magic of alternative tourism.
The Northern Corfu, the most qualitative side of the island, develop high quality forms of alternative tourism adding to the visitors’ experiences more value, while preserving its natural and architectural environment 
Acharavi, Sidari, Kassiopi, Peroulades, Roda, Peritheia, Pantokratoras, Karousades and many more small villages of Northern Corfu lead the tourist marketing to the 22nd century and Alter is here to present all notable actions, events, products of all sectors private and companies, through articles, dedications, documentaries, videos and news.







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Corfu becomes 18th Century Venice for the Carnival +Photos

Corfu will be transformed into a 18th century Venice for the Carnival season once again and the island will be full of counts, dukes, duchesses, drummers, courtiers, ladies of honor and all the characters from the baroque period.

The famous Carnival of Corfu counts almost 450 years of existence and has its roots in the Middle Age, when the island’s Venetian conquerors brought the custom from their hometown.

The most famous happening of the Carnival is the big parade taking place on the central streets of the city. Another custom is the enactment of the “Petegoletsia,” a word standing for “gossip” in the Corfiot dialect. Resembling a street-theater performance, actors sit on window-sills overlooking the narrow alleys of the old town and exchange gossip in local dialect, usually revolving around ongoing developments in the island’s political and social life.As years went by, local characters, themes and Greek customs have been incorporated in the celebration. The theme of “Tsiknopepmpti”, the Thursday when everyone eats lots of grilled meat, treasure hunts, political satire and other themes and characters has featured in recent carnivals.

The carnival events in Corfu will last all next 2 week with gusto, colorful characters, parades, Venetian traditions, and will culminate in the burning of “Sior Carnival”, meaning Mr. Carnival. According to the custom, Sior Carnival will read his will in front of the notary and witnesses and then Corfiots will burn him.

photos: Vlasis Tsonos, Nikos Giohalas

Jan 21, 2018
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Best tourist attractions to visit in Greece in 2018

When breathtaking natural beauty melts into grand human creations that mark the birth and evolution of civilization, magic happens; and the most magical of such places is Greece. Nothing compares with historical Greek architecture and sculptures, and nothing compares with Greek coastline either. Even for the less ardent of travelers among us, Greece is one of the first places to think of when we are seeking out holiday destinations.

When in Greece, following are the 10 places you absolutely have to visit in order to complete your oh-so-Greek odyssey.


Acropolis is a sight to behold, and an experience that amazingly immerses you in history. Perched atop a hill, the 5th century citadel and the three temples around it are an icon of Greece, the way we see it in pictures representing the fascinating country. The famous Parthenon forms a distinctive part of the Acropolis.
A visit to Acropolis also takes you through many more ancient landmarks of Athens including the Roman Forum, Temple of Zeus, Kerameikos and Ancient Agora. With so much to see and do, Acropolis makes for an enthralling walk, and you can spend as long as you like here exploring one marvellous treasure after another.

Delphi, back in the day, used to be the epicentre of religion in the world. Considered to be one of the most auspicious places on earth, the patrons of the temples here ranged from kings to priests to common people. The Temple of Apollo is one of the most popular attractions of Delphi. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delphi has ruins of temples and theatres, dating as early as 8th century BC. Delphi Archaeological Museum houses an incredible collection of objects from the historical site.
Besides the abundance of history and mystic stories the structures here boast of, Delphi has damn picturesque spots all over. You get breathtaking views of the hills and the Corinthian Gulf.

Corfu is a coastal wonder that joins the Adriatic coast to the Ionian Sea. There is so much beauty to be absorbed at every single beach of Corfu that nothing you would ever have seen will seem to get anywhere close. The coastline is no less than a roller coaster with twists and turns that make the place even more exquisite.
When you want to take a little break from enjoying the various beaches of Corfu, you can head to the Old Town area and treat yourself to sights such as those of ancient Venetian relics, castles and sunny boulevards.
Get further into the islands and you will find a treasure trove of cypress forests, dense fir trees, and mountains.
And these were just a few of the numerous delights Greece houses. Spend a few days there and you will have your own top 10 list in addition to the above places. The country, in all its corners and crevices, is meant to be admired and praised with the most glorious of adjectives. So head to Greece and have a terrific vacation!

Rhodes Town is the capital of Rhodes islands in the Aegean Sea. It’s a UNESCO-listed tourist destination and has countless delights to offer to all its visitors.
If walking on cobblestoned streets is one of your favorite European things to do, Rhodes Town will take this experience to a whole new level. With quaint little shops and eateries at every corner and majestic towers and gates marking the greatness of human endeavour, Rhodes Town mesmerizes you in many ways.
From Rhodes Town, you can also visit many other popular tourist attractions, including some in the bordering country of Turkey like the Marmaris.

Mykonos promises you a most fabulous island vacation. The incomparable natural beauty merges harmoniously with the iconic blue and white architecture and is perfectly complimented by the leisurely pace the town moves at.
With live music around every corner, the most impressive of boutique hotels and divine seafood on offer, Mykonos Town make leaving this town an impossibly difficult thing to do at the end of your vacation.

The deep blue waters of Santorini bridge the gap between dream and reality. The beauty, sensuality and rhythm of this place are surreal. Fira and Oia on the west coast of Santorini are the most visited towns here. The towns are not only dream-honeymoon destinations but also host many a destination wedding of couples from around the globe.
Santorini houses Akrotiri, a famous archaeological site. It used to be a Minoan settlement before a volcanic eruption, some 3600 years ago, buried it under lava and gave shape to the caldera.
Do not forget to spend some time at the volcanic sand beaches on the eastern and southern coasts of Santorini.

Meteora Monasteries
Meteora Monasteries have a rather mysterious feel to them. They are one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Of the many monasteries here, six are open to visits. Each of them stands right up a cliff and will require a little bit of hard work on your part to get to them; but the Byzantine frescoes, candles and the out-of-the-world ambience in there will make the climbs worth it. In addition, the views from up there will be amazing.

Mycenae is even older than the Delphi or Acropolis – for history lovers, it’s a place to swoon over. If you love to listen to legends and believe in them, you will have a lot of fun finding out about its formation while you are roaming around the site. For a little background, this place is said to have been created by the Cyclops, and this is where King Agamemnon of the Trojan Wars lived and ruled. The town saw its golden years in the 14th century BC when it was the seat of the Atreid Dynasty. A walk through the Peloponnesian Argolid and its olive-clad ridges is unbelievably picturesque, mysterious and memorable.

Corinth was an important coastal town and navy centre of ancient Greece. The magnificent waters of the Corinthian Gulf and the majestic ruins invite many a tourist every year. For a little peek into the history of Corinth, this place served as a common point of contact between two ancient superpowers of Athens and Sparta during the years of the Peloponnesian War.
The Archaeological Museum of Corinth displays treasures of art and culture that have been around since the early days of the kingdom. It’s a must-visit for everyone interested in the intriguing stories of old Greece.

Samaria Gorge
A trek through exotic Greek outdoors will be an experience to recount for decades. The Samaria Gorge, on the Crete Island, is a 16 km stretch of utter natural wonder. Begin your hike from Omalos in the White Mountains and go all the way down to the Agia Roumeli, a point that lies on the Libyan Sea. This enthralling excursion will take you about five to seven hours to complete and will take you through magical variations in scenery. Lying in the Samaria National Park, the Samaria Gorge is on a tentative list of UNESCO.

Vikos, National Park
The Vikos–Aoös National Park  is a national park in the region of Epirus in northwestern Greece. The park, founded in 1973, is one of ten national parks in mainland Greece and is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of the city of Ioannina in the northern part of the Pindus mountain range. It is named after the two major gorges of the area and encompasses 12,600 hectares (31,135 acres) of mountainous terrain, with numerous rivers, lakes, caves, deep canyons, dense coniferous and deciduous forest. The park is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network and one of UNESCO Geoparks and spans an elevation range from 550 to 2,497 meters (1,804 to 8,192 ft). Over 100,000 people visit the park each year and take part in activities including rafting, canoe-kayaking, hiking and mountain biking.

Jan 01, 2018
Spring flights from German cities to Corfu from €39

Spring flights from German cities to Corfu from €39 by Ryanair! Find the cheapest flights from Germany to Greek Islands and book your tickets at the best price! Flights will cost only €39 both ways!

Travel period: April 2018. Routes and travel dates:

Frankfurt – Corfu – Frankfurt (€39)
11 – 18 Apr
15 – 25 Apr

Dusseldorf – Corfu – Dusseldorf (€39)
11 – 15 Apr
11 – 18 Apr
15 – 22 Apr

Cologne – Corfu – Cologne (€43)
5 – 12 Apr
12 – 19 Apr
22 – 26 Apr

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LIVE Corfu Airport: Departures & Arrivals

Dec 26, 2017
Christmas on Corfu: Experience the festive season with a difference

Fancy going somewhere different for Christmas and experiencing the festival season amidst a unique culture, scenery and climate?  By

If so, you may want to consider spending Christmas on the Greek island of Corfu. Christmas is one of the biggest Christian celebrations on Corfu, which is strongly associated with the Greek Orthodox tradition.

It is a truly colourful and joyous occasion when the whole of the island comes alive with lights, decorations and festivities. Like in the UK, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25th, marking the birth of Christ. Though unlike our Christmas tradition, gifts in Corfu are exchanged on January 1st.

Christmas Eve is steeped in tradition on Corfu. Children go from house to house, often carrying small clay drums and metal triangles, singing Christmas carols.

Christmas Day on Corfu involves families and friends gathering together to enjoy a large feast. The first course comprises of egg-lemon chicken soup with rice. Turkey or pork is typically the main dish, accompanied with traditional Christopsomo – Christ’s Bread. This sweet type of bread is baked in various shapes, with the crusts engraved in symbols that depict the family’s profession. As well as sweet bread, locals tuck into Melomakarona, which are cookies doused in honey, as well as Kourabiedes, a crunchy shortbread with nuts and raisins.

Similar to Spain, the 6th of January is heavily celebrated on Corfu, which officially marks the end of Christmas. If you’re staying close to Corfu’s shoreline on January 6th, you may witness crucifixes lit up in the sea, which have been put there by priests in order to bless the waters. The day is also celebrated by priests throwing crosses into the sea and locals diving in and racing to be first to retrieve them from the water.

Yes, if you’re looking to celebrate Christmas with a difference this year, heading to the beautiful island of Corfu, with its unique festive traditions and celebrations, would certainly be a Christmas to remember.


Dec 10, 2017
WOW! Package Holidays CORFU from UK for £94 (7 nights at hotel + flights)

 profile 150x150 by Edgar

Package Holidays CORFU from UK for £94 (7 nights at hotel + flights). Find the cheapest holiday package to Corfu, Greece from the UK and book your ticket at the best price!

Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It is the second largest of the Ionian Islands, and, including its small satellite islands, forms the edge of the northwestern frontier of Greece. There are pockets of overdeveloped resorts, particularly north of Corfu Town and in the far north, but the island is sufficiently large enough to easily escape the crowds – venture up its woody mountains studded with spear-sharp cypress trees and explore vertiginous villages, coves fringed by cobalt-blue water, and the fertile interior ashimmer with olive groves.

Travel dates:
April – May 2018

INCLUDED: 7 nights at hotel + flights. The cheapest price you have when you book trip for 4 people.
Routes and examples:

London Luton – Corfu – London Luton
12 – 19 Apr (£113)
14 – 21 Apr (£103)
19 – 26 Apr (£97)
24 Apr – 1 May (£110)
26 Apr – 3 May (£103)
1 – 8 May (£117)
8 – 15 May (£121)

London Gatwick – Corfu – London Gatwick
17 – 24 Apr (£111)
18 – 25 Apr (£106)
22 – 29 Apr (£109)

Manchester – Corfu – Manchester
20 – 27 Apr (£105)
23 – 30 Apr (£99)
27 Apr – 4 May (£111)

Birmingham – Corfu – Birmingham
21 – 28 Apr (£94)

Where to book: Visit TRAVELSUPERMARKET Hand baggage is included!

Nov 24, 2017


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