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There are plenty of places that are worth seeing

The place where the culture meets the majesty of nature and the magic of alternative tourism.
The Northern Corfu, the most qualitative side of the island, develop high quality forms of alternative tourism adding to the visitors’ experiences more value, while preserving its natural and architectural environment 
Acharavi, Sidari, Kassiopi, Peroulades, Roda, Peritheia, Pantokratoras, Karousades and many more small villages of Northern Corfu lead the tourist marketing to the 22nd century and Alter is here to present all notable actions, events, products of all sectors private and companies, through articles, dedications, documentaries, videos and news.







Top travel news & stories

8 dance and choral groups at the two-days festival in Kassiopi, 29th and 31st of July

The cultural association Kassiopi organizes two-days festival on Friday, the 29th and Sunday, the 31st of July with the following program:

Friday, July 29th
4th meeting of dance groups in elementary school Kassiopi with the participation of Kavvalouri, Sinies, Vitali and Kassiopi dance associations.

Sunday, July 31st
3rd meeting of choral groups in Kassiopi port, with the participation of Chlomos, Kontokali, Karousades and Kassiopi chorus.


7 eco destinations in northern Corfu for hip travelers

The green, or eco-tourism, is a current strongly evolved over the past 5 years in Europe and other selected destinations around the world. And so, this current couldn’t go around Corfu, a place so endowed by nature, with such surprising alternations of landscape between vast green areas, rivers, waterfalls (yes, you heard me), and caves. Areas labeled as parks, and/or protected natura places are waiting to be explored. In northern Corfu the excursion program for demanding travelers fills easily.

We will stay in 7 benchmarks of green tourism in northern Corfu: Read More

Barcarole: August 7th on Agios Spyridon Perithia beach

The overactive Union of Perithians "Philippos Vlahos", for the 13th consecutive year, organizes the boat festival “Barcarole” on Agios Spyridon Perithia beach, on Sunday August 7th at 21:00.

- The troubadours of Corfu with serenades.
- The Gym "KINISIS" & the school dance with Samantha Brindley dance theater performance (choreographed by Athena Kotsi)
- Italian tenor Vittorio Orlando
- The Dance Academy Niki Aspioti
- The band Feakes with folk feast.

Watch videos of past events. Photo by Stathis Koutsiaftis

Cycling in Northern Corfu - a lifetime experience

by Spyridoula Kokkali

-A tribute to Northern Corfu’s natural sights -
(With the compliments of S Bikes & Stamatis Banos)

Cycling is not just a sport or a free time activity; It is an experience and northern Corfu makes this experience unique for any kind of biker, since the diversity of its landscape invites everyone to discover the natural beauty of this magnificent part of the island. A biker then becomes a traveller.

Mountain routes, on road routes, trails of differential altitudes, a huge network of unpaved roads, places that can only be reached by bike, cliffs and mountains are abundant in Northern Corfu welcoming all kinds of bikers.

Spring and autumn are the seasons than can make you enjoy this experience to the full as nature is at its best decorated with a colourful wildflower patchwork and mesmerizing scents that soothe even the wildest of souls. Whether an on road route or off road route lover, all your five senses will be fine-tuned as your bike will become your means to a trip to paradise.
Cycling through traditional mountain villages, like Old Perithia, is a trip through time. Old stone houses, friendly hospitable people and a breathtaking view is an experience not to be missed. As you ride your bike on the narrow cobbled streets, your mind travels back in time as if in a time machine. Old people will put a spell on you with their wide smiles and warm your heart and like the Sirens from Odyssey will make you not want to go back. The luscious olive oil, the fruity local wines, the sweet kumquat liqueur and the overpowering scents of local herbs, are these people’s magic potions. As your trip continues, tamed creatures that roam the mountains will accompany you along the way.

Read More
Corfu | Siren Song

I'd like to say, out of family loyalty, that I keep returning to Corfu to catch up with my cousins. But that's only partly true. The cousins are four sisters who live on a hill in neighboring pink and peach houses. On my first visit, when I was 18, the youngest told me about turning down her American boyfriend's marriage proposal when he mentioned she'd have to move to Maine. "My sisters asked him, 'Wouldn't you rather come back to Corfu and live with us?'" she explained, shrugging.

She is 10 years older than I am, and perhaps wiser. But I knew, already, after a week of narrow, winding streets that open suddenly onto ocean views, long lunches of well-spiced shellfish beside a warm, cobalt sea, and frothy iced coffees under colonnaded walkways, that I would choose Corfu over the vast majority of men. Now, more than a decade later, I have yet to meet the man for whom I would trade the island.

Corfu is so alluring that centuries of visitors and rulers felt compelled to make it their own, to leave something of themselves behind.The Venetians carved the lion of Saint Mark on the city walls and erected not one but two fortresses thrusting into the sea. The French modeled the archways and swinging gas lamps of the Liston, Corfu town's main drag, on their Rue de Rivoli. And the British left the island a cricket ground, an affection for ginger beer (known as tzin tzin birra), and the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, now the Museum of Asiatic Art. All these donations are the obligation of a ruling power, I reasoned, as I sat under an archway on the Liston, drinking my tzin tzin birra, watching cricket, and selecting black-market CD's of Greek music from a Senegalese vendor. I didn't owe the island anything more than the price of my drink. I could let it seduce me. I did.

One bright afternoon, I visited the British Cemetery. The supervisor, George Psailas, was born on the grounds in 1927; his father, one of many Maltese settlers, had been the cemetery's caretaker before him. Mr. Psailas led me past rare wild orchids to a marker honoring 44 British soldiers lost at sea when a mine exploded as they were returning from World War II. Equally moving was the loyalty of dozens of expatriate Brits who wanted their remains laid to rest here. One man engraved his wife's headstone with GOOD NIGHT, MY LOVE, I'LL BE ALONG LATER.

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