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19 Jul
Discover the Pantokrator mountain range

Pantokratoras, the most astonishing view in Corfu. Pantokratoras is the highest mountain in Corfu with its height at 906m. It covers the NE edge of the island and ends E of Corfu strait. From its peak you have an outstanding view as you can see the entire island and a large part of nearby Albanian coast. During ancient Ages it was called Istoni. Its modern name is owed to the holy monastery of Pantokratoras, built almost on the top of the mountain in 14th century. Next to the monastery there is a coffee shop, and not far from it are placed few telecommunications towers.

In order to visit the traditional villages around Pantokratoras, where the time seems to have stopped, and where the mass tourism didn’t arrived yet, we advise you to follow the panoramic road. Following the coastal road from Corfu town toward northern Corfu, when you’ll arrive in Ypsos you must turn left toward Spartylas, so you’ll start ascending the mountain and after the first village you must turn right, towards Strinylas, a small village with 3 taverns, where you can stop for lunch. From Stinylas you’ll simply follow the road till its end, and you’ll reach the top of the mountain where you certainly shall by impressed by the superb panoramic view.

If you already arrived on the Northern side of the island, the road from the centre of Acharavi will drive you to the Pantokratoras through all its beautiful villages. Pantokratoras has an outstanding beauty and is well known for its beautiful pathways. From Strinylas there is an excellent path leading to the top, with an admirable view. The same path is used also by Mountain bikers, but is suitable for jeep if you prefer off road adventures.


Old Perithia
This historic 'Heritage Protected' village is in 'A Designated Area of Natural Beauty', situated on the attractive north east corner of the island, and just below Mount Pantokrator (The Almighty). It is the oldest example of the original mountain villages of Corfu. Records date back to the mid 14th century, although it is considered to have been inhabited many centuries before. Around 130 houses were built, entirely by hand, some of which have now fallen into ruins, many of which are now under restoration.

Lafki is a picturesque settlement on the mountain Pantokratoras built at an altitude of 420 meters. It is quite an old village which is known as a settlement since 1347, when its inhabitants along with the residents of Palia Perithia participated in the construction of the Monastery of Pantokratoras at the top of the mountain.
Old stone houses hidden away by trees, picturesque coffee shops and small taverns depict the scenery of this village with the unique view towards the north-eastern shores of the island, the beach of Agios Spyridonas, the Lagoon of Antiniotis and the mountains of Albania.
Lafki, which was called Lafka until 1940, is about 36 kilometers from the city of Corfu.

Built at an altitude of 470 meters on the mountain of Pantokratoras, Eriva, this little village, is resided by a small number of people who live far away from the busy and crowded tourist regions of the island. Eriva is built in a verdant, natural environment, full of small, tranquil villages, such as Petalia and Strinylas, both of which you will find on the road that leads to the top of the mountain. Eriva is situated about 8 kilometers away from Acharavi which is the commercial and economic center of the region.

Just before you reach the top of Pantokratoras, the highest mountain in Corfu, you will find the small village Drosseri with its few residents at an altitude of 570 meters.
The trip to Drosseri, just like in all the mountainous villages of the region, offers a beautiful view of the shores of the north-eastern part of the island and the neighboring Albania, in a wonderful, natural environment where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility.
Drosseri is about 10 kilometers from the touristy Acharavi with its golden shores.

Petalia is a very beautiful, picturesque village on the mountain of Pantokratoras. It is built on a slope that has the shape of a petal on this enormous mountain, a fact that gave the village its name.
During the past centuries, Petalia was a metropolitan center and its inhabitants were the first settlers of the seaside regions, such as Acharavi but today only a small number of residents still remain. Petalia has an intense, traditional Corfiot aura, with houses made of stone and the characteristic white tile of the island. On the road, at the entrance of the village you will see the small coffee shop and a little bit further, the square of the village surrounded by traditional houses.
In the settlement you will also see the old elementary school, which functioned from 1911 to 1991, as well as a monument for those who Photo: malcolm macdonald

Strinylas is the village built higher than all the other villages of Corfu. It is located at an altitude of 650 meters, just before the peak of Pantokratoras.
Strinylas is a picturesque village which is famous for its wine with its unique aroma but also for its tavern in the small, shadowy square that offer delicious, traditional, Corfiot food, venison, as well as grilled dishes. Strinylas stands out because of the harmonious formulation of the old houses made of stone which is found in abundance in the region. These stones in the local dialect are called strinaria, a word derived from the ancient word «στρίνις» (strinis) which means hard and the village is probably named after them.
Strinylas is located on the road that leads to the top of the mountain and to the Monastery of Pantokratoras which has been renovated and offers among others, a magnificent, panoramic view of the whole island and of the Albanian coast. In Strinylas occurs one of the most majestic festivals of the island on the 5-6 August which is the day of the celebration of the Metamorfosis of Sotiras.
From the 1st until the 5th of August there is also a pilgrimage to the monastery of Pantokratoras which gathers people from all over the island.

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