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08 Aug
The Italian travelers from Verona and the Italian gastronomic feast in northern Corfu

Laura and Luciano from Italy, preferred to visit northern Corfu, during their vacation, in late May, unlike most compatriots who prefer August. As good friends and colleagues of, they had prepared us, since last winter, about their high gastronomic requirements. Being a cook in a hotel in Verona, Luciano, and a tourist journalist for a magazine in the same city, Laura, were certainly travelers and not tourists. Early in the evening they arrived in Acharavi and of course the first question after settling in their room was "Christina, what shall we eat?".

The Italian restaurant "Compass" in Roda was my first thought. I knew from the outset that the owner and cook Salvatore would satisfy the demanding tastes of our guests. We arrived at the "Compass" at 09:00 in the evening and we found easily a parking spot. "So far so good," I thought as we went into the restaurant.

Salvatore welcomed us with a smile and before leading us to our table, he guided us to his crystal clear kitchen. "We keep going very well," was my satisfied thought.

Η εικόνα ίσως περιέχει: 1 άτομοLaura and Luciano, clearly pleased with the reception of Salvatore and as related to the subject, began a familiar conversation with Salvatore about the gastronomy and preferences of tourists in northern Corfu. I did not understand much of Salvatore's gourmet creations, as my culinary knowledge is limited, but from the shining eyes of our guests I immediately realized they were impressed and satisfied.

The environment of the restaurant as well as the immediacy of Salvatore, gave us an idea about what would follow at the table.

Laura and Luciano did not ask for a menu. They asked Salvartore to bring whatever he considered. In just 10 minutes, Salvatore began to bring to the table a feast of colors, images and fragrances that made us craving them.

At the beginning, the table was decorated with Tagliere misto (wood board of various kinds of cheese, cold cuts, fried mozzarella, mix bruschetta, arancini & caprese salad), Feta al Forno (baked feta cheese with tomato & herbs), straccetti di Pollo (chicken with veg & tomato sauce - spicy) and salad caprese (with rocket, tomato & mozzarella).

What if they were only appetizers. We immediately made them disappeared and we were filled with the big portions of Salvatore, but our mind was stuck in the impressive pizzas served to the rest of the satisfied customers of the restaurant.

For Luciano, Salvatore brought a Greca pizza (with sausage, olives, feta cheese, tomato & oregano). Laura took a Capricciosa pizza (with tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, aubergines & olives). And I took a Quattro Formaggi (with tomato and 4 kinds of cheese).

Incredible pizzas, we were left with a stunning taste of flavors tied together.

The Salvatore's gastronomic journey did not stop there. Stuffed by the large quantities of appetizers and amazing pizzas, we asked the Salvatore, the next dishes to have smaller quantities as we wanted to taste a dish from each menu category.

The seafood was next. 3 dishes that left us with spechless. Salmon alla Grigla (grilled salmon fillet), Salmon al Cartoccio (with seafood sauce in foil) and Gamberoni al limone (kings prawns in lemon sauce).

One step before we burst out of the great food, Salvatore kept shooting us with their gastronomic creations. Next in line was the meat. Fillet Steak (served with balsamic vinegar sauce), Beef Fillet (in green pepper sauce), and Chicken Fillet (with cheese, ham & tomato sauce).

The silence that prevailed at the table made me feel content, seeing our guests finding exactly what they were looking for.

And along with the wonderful Cabernet wine, there were 3 great sweets. Cheese Cake, Brownies (ice cream) and Pannacotta (light fresh desserts served with the fruit of the forest coulis).

Laura and Luciano were ecstatic and began to search for their bags. "What are they doing?" I wondered, and before I finished my thought, Luciano pulled out his notebook and noted recipes given to him by Salvatore so he could apply them to the hotel where he was working in Verona. Laura, took off her camera, and photographed Salvatore's dishes, writing at that moment the tribute she would do for him, within the tourist magazine where she works in Verona

At that moment I realized that the first day of our guests went extremely well. It goes without saying that after so much food, there was no other program to go out at night. We remained at Compass until the early hours, drinking the wonderful wine and talking to Salvatore about his experiences on the island.

The three of them immediately showed that they had chemistry and switched telephone and social media profiles. A great friendship had just been born. A friendship with common passions as the love for gastronomy, northern Corfu and tourism.

And what else would someone ask for, in order to see his guests satisfied? Grazie Salvatore ...

- Find the Italian restaurant "Compass" in Roda, next to N.S.K travel
- Reservations +302663063778



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