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23 Jul
Barcarole: August 7th on Agios Spyridon Perithia beach, for the 16th consecutive year

The overactive Union of Perithians "Philippos Vlahos", for the 16th consecutive year, organizes the boat festival “Barcarole” on Agios Spyridon Perithia beach, on Wednesday August 7th at 21:00.

A parade of boats will sail along the bay. The party will continue on the beach until dawn.

- The troubadours of Corfu with serenades.
- The Gym "KINISIS" & the school dance with Samantha Brindley dance theater performance (choreographed by Athena Kotsi)
- Dance team "Union of Perithians "Philippos Vlahos"
- choir "Union of Perithians "Philippos Vlahos"
- The band Feakes with folk feast.
- Night lake trail (Antinioti lake)

Watch videos of past events. Photo by Stathis Koutsiaftis

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