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Waterfalls of Nymfes

The Waterfalls of Nymfes are the most impressive of the whole island and they are located just outside Nymfes, this lovely village which, is built on the mountain Pantokratoras , in a verdant area with oak and holly trees.

In order to reach the Waterfalls of Nymfes you must cross through the village, pass outside the local football pitch and follow a rural dirt road for about a half kilometer. The scenery in the Waterfall of Nymfes is enchanting.  Rapid waters fall from a height greater than 10 meters into the verdant ravine. Two other, smaller waterfalls are also nearby.
The waterfalls are best visited in the spring after the winter rains.

The village of Nymfes is about 200 metres above sea level. Nymfes (Greek: Νύμφες meaning nymphs) is a village in the northern part of the island of Corfu, Greece. It was the seat of the municipality of Thinali. In 2001 its population was 756 for the village and 1,124 for the community, which includes the village Platonas. Nymfes is situated in green hills, 4 km from the coast. It is 3 km west of Episkepsi and 19 km northwest of Corfu (city).

Photo: Stathis Koutsaftis

39.7526,19.8005    39°45’9”N 19°48’1”E

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