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Pantokratoras mountain

Pantokratoras, the highest mountain with the most astonishing view in Corfu, is located in the north-eastern part of the island. Its peak, at an altitude of 906 meters offers a unique view of the whole island, a large part of the nearby Albanian shores, the Diapontia Islands in the north, and even Paxoi in the south, when the sky is clear.
During ancient times, Pantokratoras was called Istoni. Its modern name today name is owed to the holy monastery of Pantokratoras, built almost on the top of the mountain in 14th century. Next to the monastery there is a coffee shop, and not far from it are placed several telecommunications towers.
A beautiful route, following the coastal road from the city of Corfu towards the north, shall bring out the natural beauty of the mountain and its picturesque villages, which remain intact by massive tourism. Right after Ypsos, you turn left for the village of Spartylas from where, the steep route begins. You continue towards Strinylas, a small village with 3 taverns, where you can stop for lunch. From Stinylas you’ll simply follow the road till its end, and you’ll reach the top of the mountain where you definitely will by impressed by the superb panoramic view. If you already arrived on the Northern side of the island, the road from the centre of Acharavi will drive you to the Pantokratoras through all its beautiful villages.
In Pantokratoras there are dozens more beautiful villages, such as Episkepsi in the west and Palia Peritheia, one of the oldest villages of Corfu, an architectural ornament of the island where, during recent years many stone houses have been renovated creating an atmospheric, medieval village.
Pantokratoras is a mountain of unique beauty and also a region famous for its lovely walking routes. One of these begins from Strinylas and ends up to the mountaintop, offering a magnificent view. The same route is ideal for Mountain biking, while it's also considered an exceptionally beautiful off road ride if you have a jeep.

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