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Metamorphosis Monastery – Nymphes

This monastery is located 1km from Nymphes village on the northern side of the island, is one of the oldest Christian building in Corfu Island. Very characteristic is the relative myth, made by the parents of ascetic Artemisios Paisios in his memory.

The legend says that when his parents came to take him home, the hermit, refusing to let the place where lived isolated, dug a hole in the ground and went inside to pray, than a big stone fell, and covered up the hole burying him. His parents couldn’t free him, and so they decided to let him be where he loved to be, and built the Metamorphosis Monastery in his memory. The church is not always open to the public, but nearby there is an old building, part of the monastery once, but abandoned today. Inside there are some stone tanks, rocks and other items.


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