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Panagia Kassopitra - Virgin Mary of Kassiopi

In the Middle Ages it was probably the most famous church on the island. One of the most important churches in Corfu built in 16th century. This beautiful building is located near the main road of Kassiopi, next by the Ancient Castle where hosted the Holy Relics of St. Donatos the Wonderworker, Patron of Paramythia, before ending up in Venice, with a small part returning in Paramythia.

Panagia Kassopitra church is mentioned by Latin travelers of Middle Ages, indicating it as a reference and pilgrimage point well known outside the island. Today the church is open to the public, so you can admire a lot of interesting icons. It was built upon the ruins of Zeus Cassius temple during early Christian period, by Saints Iasonas and Sosipatros.

Turks provoked severe damages, since they plundered it twice and later in 1537 destroyed it, but was rebuilt by Venetians in 1580. The Holy icon of Panagia (Holy Mary) is miraculous and protector of marines. The church celebrates every year on 8th of May, in memory of the miracle occurred in 1530 when Panagia healed a blind man, and on 15th of August, the Assumption Day.

In both cases, the religious committee, coordinating with Kassiopi municipal unity and cultural association, conduct the holy icon on the roads of Kassiopi during the litany (8/5 & 15/8).

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