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VIRGIN MARY in Magoulades

Panagia in Magoulades of Corfu is a monastery which is located in the village of Magoulades. It was founded during the 16th century and firstly it belonged to a brotherhood. However, according to other information, Panagia in Magoulades already existed as a monastery at the end of the 10th century, a fact that makes it the oldest one of the island.

Today, Panagia in Magoulades is characterized as a Historically Preserved Monument. Iconographers, such as Dimitrios Foskalis, Georgios Chrysoloras and Spyridonas Sperantzas have decorated Panagia in Magoulades with their works of art, while around 1800, when the Russian army encamped in the Monastery, it is said that it was visited by the admiral Saint Theodore Ushakov.



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