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17 Aug
Espaniola: a cocktail with Corfiot flavor among the best 50 summer cocktails. By Andreas Kontostanos | Barden

Just released the special issue of the best 50 summer cocktail recipes, by Kostas Kaperonis & GL Publications “Summer cocktail recipes”. Among the 50 suggested cocktail recipes the cocktail with Corfiot flavor by the award-winner bartender Andreas Kontostanos (Barden Cocktail and Food Bar). Buy the book here

For the book

50 Summer Cocktail Recipes
Summer cocktail nights, By Kostas Kaperonis

An all time cosmopolitan, a mojito mint flavour and colourful cocktails that relax their forever fans, get more value when they are served in the most idyllic places in Greece. In places with award-winning bartenders and outstanding view that make you fell like being on an island and inspire you for the most enjoyable holidays during July and August.

The best companion for the information above is the deluxe issue of the top 40 bars. Their maitres share with us recipes and suggestions both for the classic or not cocktails that are worth tasting. Besides, summer is the ideal season for cocktails, and this year the bars in Greece is the best destination.
Drink responsibly!

The Cocktail ESPANIOLA

30 ml Barden Rum Blend
25 ml Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy
10 ml Giffard caribbean pineapple liqueur
25 ml Crema Di Limoncello
10 ml Giffard salted caramel syrup
Grounded Tonka bean

Shake / double strain Ice ball/ Garnished with caramelized fresh pineapple

Bartender: Andreas Kontostanos
Contact info: Acharavi Kerkira, Tel. 2663064280 / 6947384121, 

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