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23 Apr
Easter: All events in the Northern Corfu

The Easter period, in several communities within the Municipality of Corfu, major cultural events are organized, which charge according the solemn atmosphere. On Good Friday the Epitaphs are accompanied by Philharmonic bands, and on Holy Saturday the liturgy is celebrated traditionally in the central squares of the villages with universal participation of residents and visitors crowd. The procession of the Resurrection image of each parish takes place on Easter Sunday morning or afternoon at Vespers of Love or "New Monday." The Resurrection period is completed before the Vespers of the Ascension (Wednesday afternoon), which, according to local tradition, is celebrated by the procession of the Resurrection image, which afterwards shall be stored in a permanent place within the parish church until the next Easter.
In all northern communities, the rituals of Orthodox Church are strictly followed. Below is a list of the most important religious events in northern Corfu:

Acharavi & villages
On Episkepsi village, during the eve of Lazarus, people sing traditional "Carols of Lazarus". On Good Friday the Philharmonic band and chorus go with the epitaph of Episkepsi, while the Acharavi Philharmonic bande goes with the epitaph in Acharavi. The evening of the resurrection in Acharavi, chorus and clergy chant together, followed by fireworks show with the church priest sending the Paschal message in Greek and English.
Easter Monday there are processions in Klimatia and Nymphes villages.
On Sunday of Thomas, at the village Episkepsi take place a procession with a traditional festival after.

St. George Community
On Easter Tuesday procession takes place on the ice, accompanied by the town band and chorus. Follows (in the afternoon) a traditional festival.

Sidari & villages
During the Good Friday the Philharmonic bands go with the processions of the Epitaph in Avliotes, Karousades andSidari.
On Easter Monday processions take place in Peroulades, Kyprianades and Karousades accompanied also by Philharmonic bands.
In Avliotes and Magoulades and villages the processions take place on Easter Tuesday, followed (in the evening) by traditional festival.
In the village Kavallouri the procession take place on Friday of Easter (Zoodochos Pigi), followed by a traditional feast.
On the Sunday of Thomas, in Sidari take place the procession with Philharmonic bands and chorus participating, followed by a traditional feast.
Procession and festival also take place in the village of Valanio.

Kassiopi & villages
On Good Friday takes place the procession of the epitaph and the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Church Panagia Kassopitra.

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