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27 Apr
VIDEO: New Green Bus Terminal - Routes from Northern Corfu

The New Green Bus Station situated close to Lidl on the main Southbound road out of Corfu Town. Approx 10 Minute walk to Corfu Town turning left from the terminal, 5 min walk to the Airport turning right from the Terminal
The intercity buses of Corfu are the most popular way to get to know the island.
Green buses will take you safely and quickly to any part of Corfu. The green buses connect Corfu town with every part of the island and also connect Corfu Island with the biggest cities in Greece. Green buses are being chosen every day from local and foreign travelers, for safe, secure, fast and easy journeys.

Routes from Northern Corfu:

A1 - Agios StefanosA2 - SidariA3 - Roda-AxaraviA4 - KassiopiA5 - Barbati-NissakiA6 - Afionas-ArillasA7 - Agios Georgios (Pagon)A8 - AvliotesA9 - PaleokastritsaA10 - ErmonesA11 - GlyfadaA12 - GiannadesA13 - LiapadesA14 - KarousadesA15 - Perithia-LoutsesA16 - KorakianaA17 - SokrakiA18 - Agios PanteleimonA19 - MakradesA20 - NimfesA21 - ArmenadesOnline tickets, here

Video: The new Terminal from KCTV

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