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05 May
30,000 km bike ride. From Australia to Northern Corfu and continues...

This is not a simple journey. It’s a life's journey. A group of bike riders started from Australia last November, to cross 21 countries and end up in the United Kingdom.
The route alone is staggering: Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, and Ireland.
A few days ago they arrived in Corfu where made a stop in the northern complex. They stayed for four days in Acharavi, as guests of their good friend Giannis Kaproulias. They visited the region and experienced its beauty, taking with them the best memories while renewing the future appointment.
Their journey, among other reasons, represents a tribute to their friend who recently lost his life from the damned disease, making both campaign and anticancer fundraiser.

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