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26 May
The charm of northern Corfu

The charm of northern Corfu lies in its hinterland: the landscape, the well-preserved villages, the vineyards and olive groves, the wetlands and the mountain walks that reveal 30 different types of orchids. Charm and mystery lie in art, in Venetian architecture, the stair landings in the old mansions, the Venetian bell towers, the smell of wine cellars and olive-presses, the countless shades of green, the icons of Emmanuel Tzanes (1610-1690) and Helen Prosalentis (1870-1911).

The charm lies in the drowned-in-green side paths by the sea and in the small pebbled coves adored so much by the Durrell family, in the abandoned villages, such as Old Perithia on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator, in estates and olive oil mills that lie around the aristocratic farmhouses of Corfian nobility, in magical lakes such as Lake Antinioti, in unique landscapes, including the beaches of Sidari with its argillaceous rocks.

In the wonderful villages, Agioi Douloi and Nymfes among them, with the famous Askitario, one of the oldest Christian monuments in all Corfu, in the dozens of monasteries, inhabited by both men and women, with their genuine hospitality in the flavor of “noumboulo” (local prosciutto) and of tsitsibira (local ginger beer). It lies also in the faith of people, in the prayers of the Orthodox and the Catholics who live together harmoniously, in the gentle figures of the monks of the Monastery of Pantokrator in Kamarela, and in the Corfiot “benevolent madness” of the people!

Julia Klimi
Translation Vicky Anastasiadou
Article about Northern Corfu (in Greek language) published in Kathimerini



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