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12 Mar

An hour’s drive from the north coast of Corfu, up a mountain road full of hair-pin bends, lies the village of Old Perithia. Once a thriving settlement built by wealthy merchants, much of it now lies in ruins, apart from three tavernas which cater for intrepid tourists seeking remote locations. Despite being a stormy day, however, the place is hoaching with people. Most of them are at the Foros taverna, cramming themselves onto the vine-covered terrace outside, trying to pretend that buckets of rain aren’t on the way. 

The Foros is now famous. The taverna was singled out in one episode of Rick Stein’s recent BBC TV program Mediterranean Escapes, which features traditional recipes from around the Med, including Corfu, and Stein was captivated by the food here as much as the location. Still reeling from the world-wide attention the programme has brought, owner Thomas Siriotis scurries about balancing four loaded plates at a time on his arms. He says the taverna has been packed out every day since, and we’re lucky to score the last table inside.

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05 Mar

The DurrellsTV star Keeley Hawes has joked she felt “like Angelina Jolie ” after she took four child actors under her wing for a new ITV drama.
The 40-year-old acclaimed actress plays Louisa Durell in The Durrells, a series based on the based on the classic Gerald Durrell’s trilogy of books including My Family and Other Animals.
Real life mum-of-three Keeley has four on-screen children in the Durrell clan.
Speaking about filming in Corfu, she said: “At one point my own children came over and we all went out for dinner so there were these four and my own children and so I was sat there with seven of them.

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29 Feb

The Ionian Islands have a temperate climate, seawaters as deep as they are refreshing, verdant mountains, a rich cultural heritage and a carefree spirit; the ideal combination for your holidays during which you will enjoy a well-developed tourism infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, water sports centres, cultural events and numerous sights, historic monuments, and museums.
Scattered along the mainland’s western coastline, the Ionian Islands are a cluster of 12 large and small islands covering an area of 2,200 sq. km. There are six large ones: Zakynthos (Zante), Ithaki (Ithaca), Kerkyra (Corfu), Kefalonia (Cephallonia), Lefkada (Leucas), and Paxoi. The small ones are Antipaxoi, Ereikoussa, Mathraki, Othonoi, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos and Strofades isle group south of Zante. Together with Kythira and Antikythira (both at
a distance from the rest, opposite southern Peloponnese and Laconia’s coastline) they form Eptanesa (meaning Seven Islands). Read More

27 Feb

The books of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell made Corfu famous. Sixty years after they left, Ben Mallalieu finds out how much remains of their enchanted island. "Somewhere between Calabria and Corfu, the blue really begins," wrote Lawrence Durrell. For TS Eliot, the walls of Magnus Martyr in London held "inexplicable splendour in Ionian white and gold". Edward Lear was in raptures over "olive grove and orange garden, the blue of sky and ivory of church and chapel, the violet of mountain rising from peacock-wing hued sea".

But what really hits you, even in high summer, is the green. Utterly unlike the Cyclades or the Dodecanese, no other Mediterranean island is as fertile as Corfu. The cypresses tower above forests of enormous olive trees and beneath them are "English" daisies, clover, teasels and grass. In England, cypresses are only found in formal gardens, planted with mathematical precision and never growing half so elegantly. To find them in such random profusion is as surprising as seeing your first flock of wild budgerigars.

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27 Feb

Why Corfu?
The second-largest of the Ionian Islands was one of the first Greek destinations to embrace mass tourism. Yet Corfu has far more to offer than just sun, sea and souvlaki. It is located just west of the Greek mainland and the southern coast of Albania. Shaped like a sickle, with its hollow side facing inwards, the island is about 65 kilometres long and 32 kilometres across at its widest point.
There are 217 kilometres of coast, although anyone venturing inland will find that the interior has at least as much to offer as the shore. Much of Corfu is mountainous. At 906 metres above sea level, its highest peak, Mount Pantokrator, is visible from most places on the island.
These days, Corfu caters for everyone, including those who prefer to travel independently or who want to elude busy resorts. Resident Janet Balaoura has seen the island change in the years since she first moved there, and remembers the bad press resulting from the over-development that took place in the Eighties. "It's seen a lot of changes," she says. "It's coming back now. It's a beautiful island – I love it with a passion."

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05 Feb

Telegraph explores where Britons can get the most for their money on holiday this year and includes Corfu in its top 10 best value travel destinations of 2016. According to the popular newspaper, British holidaymakers are able to benefit from an increase of up to 31 per cent in spending power in numerous resorts and cities worldwide this year, according to figures released by the Post Office.
Portugal’s Algarve region has been revealed as the best value destination for UK tourists in 2016 and Cape Town has overtaken Bali as the best value long-haul destination.

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05 Feb

The waiter followed our gaze out to the giant yacht gently bobbing in the bay and clearly read our minds. "She cost three hundred million dollars and is 400ft long," he began. "Owned by a Russian banker, she needs about 40 crew to run and has six bedrooms. Weighs nearly 6,000 tonnes."
The waiter paused then looked at us with a sly wink. "Wikipedia," he smiled, before wandering over to take an order from a nearby table.
We'd been in the north-east corner of Corfu for a couple of days by then, but even before Andrey Meinichenko's luxury toy had glided into view, had already formed the opinion that we were in the place to be. Somewhere on the olive tree-dotted hillsides that plunged into the sea near our villa was one owned by the Rothschild family, and chancellor George Osborne holidays here.

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22 Jan

The delights of the popular Greek island of Corfu are splashed across the latest Spanish edition of a leading travel magazine InStyle.Headlined 'Mediterranean Winter' an eight-page article in the fashion and lifestyle magazine features Spanish actress Carolina Bang touting Corfu as the island to be seen in the winter months.
The story sub-heading reads:
“Actress Carolina Bang reveals Corfu, a charming town where ancient culture blends with the blue sea. Pack your suitcase and enjoy a warm and, above all, exquisite winter!”The article praises Corfu as "a great destination for those who seek the light of the Mediterranean, even in the coldest of months."A relaxing haven of peaceThe feature shows the Spanish actress sipping cocktails outside Corfu's Byzantine Fortress and strolling around the narrow streets and small boutiques.
"Corfu is a wonderful island, a relaxing haven of peace in the heart of the Mediterranean," she says.

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02 Dec

Travel at your own speed between the Ionian islands. With their superb beaches, excellent marinas and safe harbours, sailing enthusiasts will have the experience of a lifetime. ‘A different world, another Greece.’ That’s how some have described the Ionian Sea and its islands. It is the ideal sailing destination. And truly, as your boat sails out of the Gulf of Patras, a whole new world opens up. These islands which parallel the west side of the mainland have a completely different flavour to those in the Aegean. The Greeks call them the ‘Seven Islands’, but there are many more of these emerald gems. Sail the Ionian Sea and discover its unique islands with just a click here.

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27 Nov

The reason Corfu is competing for the European Capital of Culture 2021 is to solve problems and create perspectives, to boost Corfu’s dynamics and discover new abilities by shared ideas, innovative actions, inclusion and confidence. Corfu can take advantage of its talented young population, our experienced older citizens and everyone who feels the cultural vibrations of a city looking for new spaces for creative expression in every square, road and tiny kantouni of the town. Corfu2021 is a platform for winning the title, for making the life of its citizens better and for creating perspectives for Corfu’s development.

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