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03 Jul

Having left Ireland behind more than three hours earlier I was surprised to hear I was about to land in the Emerald Isle but after looking out the airplane window I could see why Corfu shares one of its nicknames with these shores. The Greek island is covered in green with olive and trees dominating the picturesque landscape but the glorious sunshine and turquoise seas let you know you’re not in Ireland any more – well not in May anyway.

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02 Jul

George Osborne, the Rothschilds, the Durrell family... Brits have always loved Corfu. Sophia Money-Coutts on the unchanging magic of the storybook island
with its divine tavernas, lavish villas, blue horizons and mummified saints...

I sniffed a pair of mummified feet in Corfu by accident.
 I'd been strolling along one of the narrow streets in the island's capital, Corfu Town, laughing at baskets of penis-shaped ashtrays and bottle openers, all carved in olive wood, stacked up outside tourist shops. Then I spotted a church, so I went in. It was dark and busy inside, a mixture of tourists in shorts and elderly Greek women in black dresses. There was a queue leading up to 
the altar and, as I couldn't see what everyone was waiting to see, I joined the back and inched slowly forwards.

It was only when there were two or three people in front of me that I saw two Orthodox priests standing either side of a glass box
 the size of a child's coffin. Except it wasn't 
a child's coffin. It was the coffin of Saint Spyridon, a 4th-century shepherd turned bishop, whose body was taken from Constantinople to Corfu by a Corfiot monk in 1453. He has been the patron saint of
 the island ever since, supposedly because 
he has protected it from invaders. Read More

19 Jun

Saturday, 2nd of July 2016, the 6th Seven Corfu Blues & Rock festival 2016 – Corfu Beer Arena, Arillas, Corfu. The doors shall open at 7 PM with free entry! Event in aid of “The Smile of the Child” Children’s charity association.

The performers:
Dr Feelgood - Formed on Canvey Island in Essex, England, in the early 1970s Dr. Feelgood remains one of the most popular and exciting live rhythm and blues acts in the world. The raw and uncompromising style of their performance resulted in the album Stupidity that immediately went to the number one position in the U.K. charts. Dr. Feelgood have also enjoyed global success with a string of hit singles including Roxette, Back in the Night, Milk and Alcohol, Down at the Doctors, She Does it Right, Going Back Home and See You Later Alligator – which gave the group their first gold record.
Sarah James & The Red Belly Turtles - As the founder member of the band Two Timers featuring Gordon Russell (ex Dr Feelgood), Sarah James’ unique unclassifiable style has earned her a formidable international reputation that has seen her tour extensively for over 20 years, performing on major stages throughout the world including Wembley Arena, Birmingham NEC and leading venues in Europe, New Zealand, Jamaica and the Caribbean, alongside such acts as John Mayall, The Corrs, Maceo Parker, Status Quo, Bill Wyman, Robert Plant, Joe Satriani, The Stanglers and Zuccero to name just a few. Sarah has appeared on numerous television shows and performed at length, live on BBC Radio 2s Paul Jones Show. With Two Timers Sarah wrote most of the material featured on their 4 albums.

02 Jun

On Thursday the 9th of June there will be this year’s first festival in Arillas. It takes place near the local Church and old school of Arillas village which is about one and a half km from the beach on the way to Magoulades on the main road.
The local church is dedicated to the The Ascension of Jesus, which was when the resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven in his resurrected body, (Acts 1:9-11) in the presence of eleven of his Apostles, occurring 40 days after the resurrection. The church on Analipsi "Ανάληψη" (Ascension) was build during the 50’s by the volunteer help and donations of the people of Arillas. Since then, we established the Arillas Analipseos Festival which is always on a Thursday 39 days after the Greek Easter Sunday. The event starts at about 20:00 until late in the night.
The Festival is organized by non profitable organizations based in Arillas those who are responsible for the Wine Festival in September and the Music festival in July or August. The Arillas Folklore dancing club is consisted by over 60 members from the ages of 5 to 60 years old .

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26 May

The charm of northern Corfu lies in its hinterland: the landscape, the well-preserved villages, the vineyards and olive groves, the wetlands and the mountain walks that reveal 30 different types of orchids. Charm and mystery lie in art, in Venetian architecture, the stair landings in the old mansions, the Venetian bell towers, the smell of wine cellars and olive-presses, the countless shades of green, the icons of Emmanuel Tzanes (1610-1690) and Helen Prosalentis (1870-1911).

The charm lies in the drowned-in-green side paths by the sea and in the small pebbled coves adored so much by the Durrell family, in the abandoned villages, such as Old Perithia on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator, in estates and olive oil mills that lie around the aristocratic farmhouses of Corfian nobility, in magical lakes such as Lake Antinioti, in unique landscapes, including the beaches of Sidari with its argillaceous rocks.

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17 May

This is an incomplete history. Further revisions and additions will be made as time and research allow. If you would like to add anything or have a correction, send e-mail to the village historian, Al Starkweather. Click on the photos on this page for an enlarged view, and click here for some other interesting historical images.

Dr. David Long and his son John came to the area in 1807. John settled about two miles west of Corfu, and David built his home north of the four corners, on a site that would be just north of Sliker Business Forms. John brought his family into what is now Corfu about 10 years later, settling on the southwest corner of Routes 33 and 77. The area was called Long's Corrners until 1839. John Long was a farmer, a Lieutenant in the War of 1812 and town clerk in 1836 when he died, age 51. His wife was known as Aunt Patty, she managed the farm with the help of her two sons after her husband’s death. She was 72 years old in 1858, at the time of her death.

Dr. David Long, it is reported, never practiced his profession. He served in the Revolutionary War and died in 1852 at 91 years of age. He resided just north of the four corners on Allegheny Road. The Luther Darrow and Jonas Kinne families arrived here in 1807. Jonas erected a tavern in 1812, where Joseph Mazur's apartments are, which was later moved to its present site. (Howard Anawald's). It was the headquarters for town meetings, elections and trainings. Mr. Kinne died in 1822, but his widow, Hannah, ran the tavern for many years, later being turned into a home. Luther settled north of Corfu.

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11 May

The Annual "Arillas Trail" event  will take place on May the 15th.
Discover the charms of nature hidden in the ancient trails of the area around Arillas. Those ancient trails are given new life thanks to the contribution of the local cultural club and the people of Arillas .
We start off at 10:00 in the morning from Arillas Beach on a 8.5 km hike (3.5 km for children and beginners). The (long) hike takes about 2 hours and ends at the Corfu Microbrewery, where you can taste grilled souvlakia and our local Corfu Beer, freshly brewed.
The money from this event will be invested in the maintenance, mapping and extension of the trail. Organised by the Arillas Cultural Club. See video from last year event:

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05 May

This is not a simple journey. It’s a life's journey. A group of bike riders started from Australia last November, to cross 21 countries and end up in the United Kingdom.
The route alone is staggering: Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, and Ireland.
A few days ago they arrived in Corfu where made a stop in the northern complex. They stayed for four days in Acharavi, as guests of their good friend Giannis Kaproulias. They visited the region and experienced its beauty, taking with them the best memories while renewing the future appointment.
Their journey, among other reasons, represents a tribute to their friend who recently lost his life from the damned disease, making both campaign and anticancer fundraiser.

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27 Apr

The New Green Bus Station situated close to Lidl on the main Southbound road out of Corfu Town. Approx 10 Minute walk to Corfu Town turning left from the terminal, 5 min walk to the Airport turning right from the Terminal
The intercity buses of Corfu are the most popular way to get to know the island.
Green buses will take you safely and quickly to any part of Corfu. The green buses connect Corfu town with every part of the island and also connect Corfu Island with the biggest cities in Greece. Green buses are being chosen every day from local and foreign travelers, for safe, secure, fast and easy journeys.

Routes from Northern Corfu:

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23 Apr

The Easter period, in several communities within the Municipality of Corfu, major cultural events are organized, which charge according the solemn atmosphere. On Good Friday the Epitaphs are accompanied by Philharmonic bands, and on Holy Saturday the liturgy is celebrated traditionally in the central squares of the villages with universal participation of residents and visitors crowd. The procession of the Resurrection image of each parish takes place on Easter Sunday morning or afternoon at Vespers of Love or "New Monday." The Resurrection period is completed before the Vespers of the Ascension (Wednesday afternoon), which, according to local tradition, is celebrated by the procession of the Resurrection image, which afterwards shall be stored in a permanent place within the parish church until the next Easter.
In all northern communities, the rituals of Orthodox Church are strictly followed. Below is a list of the most important religious events in northern Corfu:

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