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Kassiopi is one of the most developed villages in the northern area of Corfu, and by far the most cosmopolitan. It was built in ancient Ages as a small fishermen’s village and today offers all tourist infrastructures and plenty beaches. During Roman Ages was a wealthy village as its location was part of maritime route, and today has its charm with its colorful small port, 2 coves and beaches separated by a cape, and the ruins of a Byzantine castle. According to some historians, the settlement was built by King of Epirus Pyros, which brought people from Kassiopeia of Epirus in order to solve the issue regarding low population level on the island. While other claim the settlement was built by Epirus people after the destruction of Epirus by the Romans.
While there are a lot of restaurants, rental rooms and bars, this is not a village built for tourist purposes, as Roda in northern or Kavos in southern side of the island. Kassiopi is surrounded by rich vegetation, with mountain Pantokratoras on its back side and is the last village having across Albanian and Greek coasts. Its beaches are small, with pebbles and seam hidden around the cape, and theirs locations are in amazingly isolated spots, as Bataria beach. There are 2 large beaches to the North, Kalamionas and Imerolia, where you can enjoy sea sports. Being a popular and highly frequented resort, Kassiopi is the right place to be for those who look for intense sensations. By the night the resort turns into a modern nightlife centre. Teenagers, families, young couples and groups of friends seeking for intense sensations, but also to enjoy the beauty of the northeastern coast of the island, all are welcomed to Kassiopi.
Its port even today is used by fishermen and preserves its simplicity so typical to Greek culture. Kassiopi is connected to Corfu city by buses with daily schedule. If you wish, you can rent a boat in order to explore the coast, or to enjoy a daily trip to other villages, or other islands.
During the day you can enjoy horse riding or bike-riding. There are restaurants specialized on fish cuisine and bars where you can spend your evening. If you are in a quieter mood, you can simply walk away from the centre of Kassiopi.
There are important ancient artefacts, as during ancient times was a prehistoric settlement and a Corinthian style town. During 13th century, the fortification of the harbour led into the castle, which was considered one of strongest in Corfu, built by Antecavi, sovereigns of Corfu (1267-1836). The Venetians destroyed the castle and built a new one, with its ruins preserved till today enclosing the hillside. It’s considered that Emperor Nero once stopped here.
On 15th of August celebrates the local church of Panagia (Holy Mary) the Kassiopian. The church dates from 16th century, built on the place where once was situated the Apollo temple. Within the church there is a very old icon of Panagia (Holy Mary) well known for its miracles. On 15th of August, the local people get together in the harbor for celebration, where you can enjoy the famous Greek souvlaki, or roast lamb meet, Greek wine, retsina or beer. The locals are dancing traditional Corfiot dances, accompanied by orchestra.


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