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Peroulades is a small traditional settlement not fat from Sidari, on the NW side of the island, 40km far from Corfu town. It’s a Venetian village with mansions having Venetian blazons and high fences, with gates called “portonia”. Here you can find the remains of poet’s Andreas Kalvos home.

The name of the village comes from the family name Peroulis. There are remains proving occupancy during late Paleolithic Ages (12.000 years ago). During Middle Ages Peroulades has known great prosperity and did not encountered great losses as the guard had long rage artillery against pirates. The greater destruction occurred during ages when so called Peroukianoi (Bewigged), Venetian lords which lived in the area. The village has no tourist infrastructure besides the typical BBQ of Bikoli, with its own bread, BBQ and Corfiot courses.

One last secret: if you can’t resist to the idea of diving into Canal d’Amour, discover the cape Drastis, its twin “little brother” near Peroulades, with natural stone beach chairs, and less crowd as there is only one dirt road to reach the area. Nightlife obviously there is none. We suggest taking a bottle of wine and walking on the official beach of Peroulades, the Loggas, where you can enjoy “the best sunset in Corfu”.


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