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Below the highlands of Pantokratoras and not far from Acharavi, on the northern edge of the island, we find the magic tourist resort of Roda. Roda is a cosmopolitan place where tradition and comfort of modern life coexist harmoniously. The visitor can enjoy the sea, the sun and sea sports while can choose among plenty restaurants to taste great Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

After a lot of digging, archaeologists discovered, among other, an ancient temple (traces of a Dorian temple dedicated to Apollo, 5th century B.C.), an ancient cemetery and the famous golden statue of Paris. Part of all these findings are exposed within the Archaeological Museum of Corfu.

The nightlife of Roda offers endless hours of entertainment. Around Roda, you can visit a lot of traditional villages and meet the generous hospitality of residents in perfect harmony with their local customs and traditions. The visitor can also see the tourist resort of Acharavi, Sidari and Kassiopi, not far from Roda, in order to enrich with variety his vacation time.

Situated on the north coast of Corfu, Greece, Roda is a resort for all the family. It is a real-life, traditional working village with all the amenities of a great holiday resort. Roda has something for everyone, and will immediately help you to relax and wind down.

With a selection of bars and restaurants, a variety of shops and tavernas, boat trips, watersports and horse-riding, Roda caters for every taste.

See here the Roda beach.


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