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Sidari is situated 32 km from the island’s capital. It’s distinguished by its geological configuration, as the sea joins the land creating coves and odd shapes. Here is the centre of fun and nightlife in northern Corfu, as you can find, along of a colorful road, gathered all major clubs and bars of northern side of island.

At its entrance a free parking is available, while during evening and night hours its main road becomes sidewalk for pedestrians only. During evening you can choose among Greek taverns and international cuisine restaurants or listening music choosing among a lot of pubs and bars. You can make your late shopping as a lot of tourist shops remain open till late hours.

During the day, besides the beach activities, you can enjoy the daily trips to Diapontia islands and Paxoi islands, to Paleokastritsa area or to Albania. You also can enjoy horse riding or scuba diving. On northwest area of Sidari, in Peroulades village, you can find Canal d’ Amour, one of the most famous resorts of Ionian Sea. A natural water way formed by sandy huge stones. The village has impressive dimensions including several beaches. Initially there were 2 small villages connected by the beach area, later the villages were merged by various constructions.

The area is very popular among British tourists for its night live, and because most of its visitors being young people, all useful tourist services are available as accommodations, shops, transport means and organized trips.

Sidari is connected with Corfu town, RodaAcharavi, Kassiopi and other villages by buses with a daily timetable. Sidari is among first areas of Corfu with tourist infrastructure, so today, in this beautiful green area, you can find a lot of hotels and rental rooms. Regarding the entertainment field there are various choices available.

It’s noteworthy to mention the excavation in the area revealing signs of Neolithic Ages settlement, about 3000 BC period, the oldest, as the so far data shows, in Corfu. According to Cultural Ministry, the ancient settlement of Sidari on the northern area of the island during from Mesolithic Ages (7770±340B.C.) till Bronze Ages, represents a rare example for the Greek area, as reveals changes occurred about social organization, economy, material culture of communities which allow further investigations about processes leading from level of food collection to farming production.


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