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Villages of Acharavi

The municipal section of Thinaliu is situated in the northern part of the island and occupies a very vast area near the coast as well as on the inland. In Acharavi, its center, you will find complete touristy infrastructures and a beautiful beach . You can explore this part of the island which is gifted with multiple natural sceneries, picturesque villages and lovely beaches.
It is in the region of Thinaliu that the mountain of Pantokratoras  dominates which is the highest mountain of Corfu where dozens of picturesque villages are perched: Episkepsi, Lafki, Nymfes, Petaleia, Strinylas  and of course Palia Peritheia, an architectural ornament, a village of the 13th century. The Monastery of Pantokratoras  dominates at the top, overlooking the entire island. On the mountain you will find the cave of Loutses and Anthropograva, the waterfalls in Nymfes  and in Kyprianades but, also endless olive groves  and vast areas where, the koum-kouat is cultivated.
In the eastern boundaries of the municipality of Thinaliu is situated one of the most beautiful and most significant wetlands of the island, the Lagoon of Antinioti which is a shelter for rare animals and migrating birds. The deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea and the crystal clear, golden beaches in Thinali, the beach of Roda, Almyros and Kalamaki are awarded every year with the Blue Flag of the European Union. Diving, underwater fishing, horseback riding among pine and olive trees as well as numerous of other athletic activities are sources of pleasure for the visitor of the region.


Built at an altitude of 200 meters, surrounded by wild vegetation and with many natural springs, Nymfes is the largest village of the region with a long history. From its grounds spurt springs and one of the sights in Nymfes is the waterfall  just outside the settlement. According to mythology, the Nymphs took their bath in its waters. They were young girls descended from the Gods, who lived in regions with lots of water. The village was named after this myth. The big, central square in Nymfes is also full of trees, and on the picturesque roads of the village you will see traditional Corfiot houses. Just outside of the settlement, on a slope with many high trees, you will find Askitario, one of the oldest Christian monuments in all Corfu, dating back to the 5th century. According to tradition, this is where Artemios Paissios, a man from Epirus, lived an ascetic life. In this same place, you will see a large building in ruins, which in the pre-war period was the Agricultural School of Corfu. MORE

Klimatia is a small, picturesque village built at an altitude of 220 meters amongst dense vegetation and many water currents. In Klimatia, in its narrow alleyways you will see old stone-houses, some with a unique architecture which even include pillars of Dorian order. Above the village of Klimatia, at an altitude of 450 meters is situated one of the most significant monasteries of the island, the Monastery of Agia Triada Klimatia. Its ledger was built during the 15th century and the murals which adorn it are extremely interesting and date back to the 17th century. You will get there by a dirt road which begins from Klimatia and leads to the top of the mountain. The view from up there is panoramic. You can see the Diapontia Islands as well as the shores of Albania. Very close to the settlement of Klimatia and on the road which leads to the monastery is situated the cave Anthropograva, one of the most interesting caves on the island, covering an area of about 500 square meters with very impressive stalagmites and stalactites. MORE

Kyprianades is a small village with a small number of residents, built in a verdant environment. A tributary of the Tyflos River  flows through the village which creates an excellent natural landscape. In its waters you will see eels and tortoises, as well as fries and carps which live in the river. A sight in the village is the waterfall of Kyprianades that is about eight meters high. Access to the waterfall is relatively easy, all you have to do is follow a small and narrow trail which begins from the spring of Kyprianades. At the location where the spring and the pumping-station of Kyprianades are situated, you can also find a beautiful spot for visitors, under shadowy plane-trees next to running currents. MORE

Loutses is a small village built at the foot of the mountainous mass of Pantokratoras, in a verdant surrounding with a beautiful view of the mountain and of the shores of Albania. Loutses is a destination which combines both mountain and sea, because in just a few minutes, you can find yourself at the beautiful beaches of Kalamaki and Agios Spyridonas. In the village you will find super markets, a tavern and a coffee shop. There are only a few rooms to rent if you wish to stay. In Loutses you will also find a cave, one of the least visited of the island, called Grava. It is located deep in a hollow with impressive vertical inner walls. Access to the interior of the cave is quite easy and the spectacle you will see once you are inside the cave will certainly impress you. Very close to Loutses is also situated the preserved settlement of Palia Perithia where you can take a stroll among the old stone houses and enjoy delicious food in the traditional taverns. MORE

Strinylas is the village built higher than all the other villages of Corfu. It is located at an altitude of 650 meters, just before the peak of Pantokratoras. Strinylas is a picturesque village which is famous for its wine with its unique aroma but also for its tavern in the small, shadowy square that offer delicious, traditional, Corfiot food, venison, as well as grilled dishes. Strinylas stands out because of the harmonious formulation of the old houses made of stone which is found in abundance in the region. These stones in the local dialect are called strinaria, a word derived from the ancient word «στρίνις» (strinis) which means hard and the village is probably named after them. Strinylas is located on the road that leads to the top of the mountain and to the Monastery of Pantokratoras which has been renovated and offers among others, a magnificent, panoramic view of the whole island and of the Albanian coast. MORE

In Platonas, near Nymfes, in the northern part of the island, is found 80% of the cultivation of koum kouat, this special citrus fruit produced in Corfu, one of the traditional products of the island. Platonas is built on a fertile valley surrounded by a verdant environment and its residents are mainly occupied with agriculture. From Platonas, it is worthwhile visiting the adjacent village Nymfes, with its many water springs and waterfalls  but you can also take a walk in nature, on formed trails through wild vegetation. MORE

Petalia is a very beautiful, picturesque village on the mountain of Pantokratoras. It is built on a slope that has the shape of a petal on this enormous mountain, a fact that gave the village its name. During the past centuries, Petalia was a metropolitan center and its inhabitants were the first settlers of the seaside regions, such as Acharavi but today only a small number of residents still remain. Petalia has an intense, traditional Corfiot aura, with houses made of stone and the characteristic white tile of the island. On the road, at the entrance of the village you will see the small coffee shop and a little bit further, the square of the village surrounded by traditional houses. MORE

Lafki is a picturesque settlement on the mountain Pantokratoras  built at an altitude of 420 meters. It is quite an old village which is known as a settlement since 1347, when its inhabitants along with the residents of Palia Perithia participated in the construction of the Monastery of Pantokratoras at the top of the mountain. Old stone houses hidden away by trees, picturesque coffee shops and small taverns depict the scenery of this village with the unique view towards the north-eastern shores of the island, the beach of Agios Spyridonas, the Lagoon of Antiniotis  and the mountains of Albania. Lafki, which was called Lafka until 1940, is about 36 kilometers from the city of Corfu. MORE

Apraos is a small and tranquil settlement between Kassiopi  and Agios Spyridonas beach, built on the sea. The awarded with the Blue Flag beach of Kalamaki, which is in front of Apraos, attracts many tourists every year who seek quiet, family holidays. In recent years, Apraos has expanded in the lodging department so you will find many rooms to rent, studios, even villas built very close to the beach or built on the verdant slopes overlooking the sea. You will find some taverns and coffee shops on the beach. You can rent pedalos or engage in sea sports. Apraos is ideal for families with small children as the waters of the beach are extremely shallow for many meters from when you enter into the sea. For shopping or more intense entertainment, you can visit the neighboring resorts in Acharavi in the west or in Kassiopi in the east. Apraos is about 45 kilometers from the city of Corfu. MORE

Xanthates is a village in the northern part of the island, built in a verdant natural environment, near the villages of Nymfes, Agioi Douloi and Episkopi. Xanthates is about 7,5 kilometers away from the touristy Acharavi  and from the lovely golden beaches of the northern shores of the island. MORE

Vouni is a small, semi- mountainous settlement built at an altitude of 200 meters on the mountain of Pantokratoras. Vouni has no touristy development and very few people live there. You will find it on your tour in the north-eastern part of the island at a distance of about 6 kilometers from the touristy Acharavi. Very close to Vouni, towards the north is situated the lagoon of Antinioti  and the beautiful beach of Agios Spyridonas. MORE

Built at an altitude of 470 meters on the mountain of Pantokratoras, Eriva, this little village, is resided by a small number of people who live far away from the busy and crowded tourist regions of the island. Eriva is built in a verdant, natural environment, full of small, tranquil villages, such as Petalia and Strinylas, both of which you will find on the road that leads to the top of the mountain. Eriva is situated about 8 kilometers away from Acharavi which is the commercial and economic center of the region. MORE

Just before you reach the top of Pantokratoras, the highest mountain in Corfu, you will find the small village Drosseri with its few residents at an altitude of 570 meters. The trip to Drosseri, just like in all the mountainous villages of the region, offers a beautiful view of the shores of the north-eastern part of the island and the neighboring Albania, in a wonderful, natural environment where you can relax and enjoy the tranquility. Drosseri is about 10 kilometers from the touristy Acharavi with its golden shores. MORE

Trimodi is a small, mountainous district on the road which leads from Acharavi  to the top of Pantokratoras. The very few houses in Trimodi are «perched» on the verdant slopes and the dense vegetation of the region. From Trimodi you can visit many other beautiful, traditional villages on the mountain, the neighboring Lafki, Petalia  and Strinylas  and you can also enjoy a lovely view while you drive towards the highest point of the island. MORE

Agios Ilias
Agios Ilias is a small village with no touristy growth, above Kalamaki beach on the north-eastern shores of the island. It is situated at the foot of Pantokratoras, on the road leading to the many, beautiful, picturesque villages of the mountain such as Loutses  and Palia Peritheia – the latter in whole is an architectural monument of Venetian descent. Agios Ilias is about 5,5 kilometers from the resort Kassiopi. MORE

Magarika is a small settlement on the mountainsides of Pantokratoras with a view of the north-eastern shores of the island and of Albania. It is located between the villages Agios Ilias and Loutses and it is very close to Kalamaki beach with its exceptionally shallow and warm waters. Magarika is about 6 kilometers away from the Kassiopi resort. MORE

Agios Martinos
The village of Agios Martinos is located very close to the touristy Acharavi with its endless beach. Agios Martinos is one of the first villages which you come across if from the resort you wish to explore the inland and if you want to visit lovely, picturesque villages on the mountainous mass of Pantokratoras, such as Loutses  and Perithia. MORE

Above the beach of Almyros  in Acharavi, in the inland of the Corfiot countryside is situated the small village, Pithos. It is a quiet village with few residents, with no touristy development but located in a lovely, natural environment which is worthwhile visiting in order to admire the natural beauty of the enormous size of mountain Pantokratoras with its scattered tiny villages and its hospitable residents. MORE

Psachnia is a small settlement near Acharavi in the northern part of the island. It is located between the villages of Agios Martinos and the picturesque Lafki on the road, which leads to the peak of the highest mountain of the island, Pantokratoras. MORE

A little bit to the south from the touristy Roda  and towards the inland of the Corfiot countryside is situated the village of Sfakera. It is a very pretty, traditional village with old houses made of stone and paved roads where you can enjoy the authentic life in the countryside, far away from the crowded resorts of the region. Roda beach  is about one kilometer away from Sfakera. MORE

Episkopi is a small village with few inhabitants, in the northern part of the island. It is located in a verdant environment towards the western part of the foot of the mountain Pantokratoras. Episkopi borders with the villages Agioi Douloi to the west, Nymfes to the north-east, Kyprianades to the south and Klimatia towards the south-east. The natural environment of the region is characterized by dense, wild vegetation and many water currents so it is ideal for excursions and for strolls through the beauty of nature. MORE

Krinias is a small, beautiful village near Agios Martinos at the foot of Pantokratoras. It is at a distance of about 6,5 kilometers from Acharavi  and you will discover it if you like excursions in nature and trips to more quiet places far away from the tourist crowds. MORE

Anapaftiria is a small, mountainous settlement built at an altitude of 310 meters near the village Loutses on the mountain of Pantokratoras. Anapaftiria is situated in a location with a wonderful view of the rocky shores of Kassiopi as well as the nearest shores and mountains of Albania. MORE

Strogili Thinaliou
Strogili Thinaliou is a small and tranquil village at the foot of mount Pantokratoras  near the touristy Acharavi. It borders with the villages Vrachleri and Psachnia which are also populated by a small number of residents. Strogili Thinaliou should not be confused with the village of Strogili  in the southern part of the island which is of course larger and more developed. MORE

As you are heading from the touristy Acharavi towards the inland of the Corfiot countryside and the mountainous size of Pantokratoras, you will come across the small settlement Riliatika with its few residents. Built at an altitude of 140 meters above sea level, this village is the first from many other mountainous, traditional villages which lead to the heart of the mountain for those who love nature and tranquility. MORE

The village of Pelekito is near Agios Spyridonas  in the north-eastern part of the island, very close to the lagoon of Antiniotis  and the beautiful beach of Agios Spyridonas. You will find it just above the main road, which connects Kassiopi  to Acharavi, two of the most largest resorts of the northern part. In Pelekito, you can find some rooms to rent and some taverns for those who desire a tranquil, away from the crowds, holiday. MORE

Vrachleri is a small village between the also small villages Strogili Thinaliou and Agios Panteleimonas  near Acharavi. Vrachleri is built at the foot of the mountain Pantokratoras  at an altitude of 200 meters and today approximately 30 people live there. MORE

Above the lagoon of Antiniotis, in the north-eastern part of the island is located the small village of Perouli with just a few houses built in a verdant, natural environment. Perouli has no touristy development but it is a very beautiful place that you will have the chance to discover if your trip leads you to the mountain Pantokratoras where you will also find many other small, quiet, traditional villages of the Corfiot countryside. MORE

Agios Panteleimonas
Agios Panteleimonas is a small, semi-mountainous village near Acharavi, built on the northern slopes of Pantokratoras. A few inhabitants have remained in this village, whose houses are «hidden» in nature’s colors and those that are inhabited possess well-groomed, in full blossom yards. From Agios Panteleimonas the road leads to the beautiful, mountainous village of Episkepsi. On July 27, the name day of Agios Panteleimonas, a big feast is organized in the village where people from the whole region get together and celebrate. MORE


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