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Built at an altitude of 200 meters, surrounded by wild vegetation and with many natural springs, Nymfes is the largest village of the region with a long history. From its grounds spurt springs and one of the sights in Nymfes is the waterfall just outside the settlement. According to mythology, the Nymphs took their bath in its waters. They were young girls descended from the Gods, who lived in regions with lots of water. The village was named after this myth.

The big, central square in Nymfes is also full of trees, and on the picturesque roads of the village you will see traditional Corfiot houses. Just outside of the settlement, on a slope with many high trees, you will find Askitario, one of the oldest Christian monuments in all Corfu, dating back to the 5th century. According to tradition, this is where Artemios Paissios, a man from Epirus, lived an ascetic life. In this same place, you will see a large building in ruins, which in the pre-war period was the Agricultural School of Corfu. In its basement you will find residues of an old oil-press which not only served the needs of the monastery but also of the entire region.

A very special folk custom is revived every year on Shrove Sunday in Nymfes.It is about «The Dance of the Priests» in the church of Agios Konstantinos. The oldest priest leads a slow dance, followed by other ministers and the folks. He sings each verse of the chant, and then the rest repeat it.

While you are in Nymfes, do not forget to visit the factory of the Agricultural Partnership which produces the famous koum kouat. In its facilities you can learn everything there is to know about the making of the sweet and the liqueur and of course you can taste and also buy this traditional product..


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