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The municipal section of Kasopeon is situated in the northeastern part of Corfu, just opposite from the Albanian shores from which it is only 2 nautical miles away. Kassiopi is its touristy, commercial and economic center. It was once a picturesque fishing village and has been transformed into a beautiful resort with lovely, rocky beaches and lush vegetation. The mountain of Pantokratoras dominates the region where, on its eastern slopes are perched small, picturesque villages with an amazing view: Rou, Viggla, Plagia and dozens more.
Agios Stefanos in Sinies, Kouloura and Kalami are beautiful, seaside settlements which,gather mostly wealthy tourists offering a great variety of luxurious, rentable bungalows. The beaches of Avlaki, Kerassia and the beach in Kalami are full of snow-white pebbles, with turquoise waters and vegetation which almost touches the sea.
In the municipal section of Kasopeon also, belongs the incredibly beautiful Erimitis, a completely virgin peninsula with isolated beaches, walking paths and three small lakes, significant wetlands of the island. The village of Palies Sinies, one of the first villages built in Corfu during the Middle Ages, which is in ruins today, is a sight included in this region.


Agios Stefanos Sinion
Agios Stefanos Sinion is a traditional, fishing village on a fantastic, verdant location between the beaches of Kerasia and the famous Kassiopi from which it is 3 kilometers away. Agios Stefanos Sinion is characterized as a luxury resort because in its slopes are built many private villas which belong to Greek and foreign businessmen. Agios Stefanos Sinion offers quiet holidays next to the beach. On the left side of the bay you will find a small beach with pebbles, equipped with parasols and deck-chairs. On the beach you will find some taverns with traditional Greek cuisine, two bars, mini markets and touristy shops. For your stay in Agios Stefanos Sinion, you will need to rent a car if you do not have one because the settlement and the small port are far away from the main road from which the buses pass heading to Kassiopi or the city of Corfu . MORE

The picturesque Kouloura is one of the most photographed places of the Corfiot countryside. Those who are headed from the city of Corfu towards Kassiopi, in the northern part of the island, will not resist to stop the car on the plateau of the road in order to enjoy, from high above, the view of the verdant bay where, the cypress trees reach until the sea and almost touch the fishing boats which are tied to the small port of the settlement. At close distance from this point are situated the shores and mountain tops of the neighboring Albania. In Kouloura there are no houses near the shore. There is only a fish tavern and a small beach, completely unorganized, on the left of the bay. On the verdant hills above Kouloura there are some luxurious residences that are rentable during summer because many wealthy, mostly tourists, choose this kind of vacation which offers seclusion and tranquility. MORE

Kalami is a small, picturesque, seaside village built around a bay and above the homonymous, enchanting beach. This region has few houses but, it has many touristy lodgings, mainly rentable rooms, villas and apartments. Kalami is mostly known for the house of the English writer Lawrence Durrell, who lived there during the decade of the 30s. The house is located near the sea and today it has been converted to a guest house. It is the so-called white house. The location on which Kalami is, is truly idyllic. The vegetation is vast and it reaches until the sea. Kalami is suitable for those who desire calm, relaxing vacations in nature, away from crowds and intense, nocturnal entertainment. In the village you will find mini markets with souvenirs and other touristy items. MORE

Nissaki is a tranquil, seaside village, built in one of the most beautiful regions of the island where, the color green of the olive tree reaches until the sea waters, giving them a turquoise color. Nissaki is an ideal destination for relaxing, family holidays in one of the many hotels and rentable apartments it offers which are built on the slope with a view of the sea. According to tradition, Nissaki was a small, rocky island which was united, as the years passed with the land. This is the reason it was given this name (Nissaki means a small island). Besides the main beach in Nissaki, you can swim in some picturesque bays such as, Kaminaki, Agni and Krouzeri , all of which have white pebbles and turquoise waters. MORE

On the north-eastern end of the island and with a view of the Albanian shores, is located the small settlement Kavallerena. The few houses of the settlement are built on a verdant slope, which ends up to the sea, above the beautiful beach Agni. Kavallerena is located on the main road that connects the city of Corfu to Kassiopi , from which it is about 8 kilometers away. MORE

Plagia, as its name indicates (slope), is a small settlement built on a slope in the north-eastern part of the island, above the village of Kouloura and across from the Albanian shores. In Plagia there are mainly holiday houses but, in recent years, around the settlement, luxurious villas and apartments have been built which, can be rented by tourists who desire quiet holidays near the sea and into nature. Plagia is situated very close to two of the most beautiful beaches of the region, Kalami in the south and Kerasia in the north which, are beaches with white pebbles, dense vegetation and crystal clear waters. MORE

Porta is a small settlement built at an altitude of 353 meters, in the eastern slopes of the mountain Pantokratoras, on a verdant, natural environment. From Porta you can enjoy the lovely view of the sea but, also the enormous mountainous size which rises behind it. Porta has not developed in tourism and you will get there if you turn on the provincial road which climbs the mountain from the village of Kentroma. MORE

Gimari is a small, traditional village that you will find on the main road which connects the city of Corfu to Kassiopi on the north-eastern part of the island. Gimari is built on a verdant slope that reaches up to the sea, offering calm and relaxing holidays for anyone who selects it. In Gimari there are some hotels, rentable rooms and taverns and very close to it, you will find some of the most beautiful, pebbly beaches of the island, such as Kalami in the north and Agni in the south. Gimari is 27 kilometers away from the city. MORE

Sarakinatika is a village in one of the most beautiful locations of the island, among the beaches of Kalami and Kerasia, at an altitude of about 160 meters. The view from Sarakinatika is magnificent towards the north-eastern shores of the island. The nearest, large village in Sarakinatika, at a distance of about 7 kilometers, is Kassiopi which is a large and very picturesque destination. MORE

Tritsi is a small, mountainous settlement built at an altitude of 340 meters on the eastern slopes of the highest mountain of Corfu, Pantokratoras. The very few houses in Tritsi are «hidden» away into the colors of nature and the view from this point of the island towards the opposite, continental shores of Albania, is magnificent. Tritsi borders with Kokkini, Vigla and Kokkokilas which, are also small and picturesque villages scattered around the verdant, huge size of the mountain. MORE

Viglatouri is a semi-mountainous settlement, built at an altitude of 220 meters, on the south-eastern slopes of the mountain Pantokratoras. In Viglatouri there are mainly modern bungalows which are used as holiday houses or they are rented, during summer, to tourists that desire isolation on their holidays. Below Viglatouri and up to the sea, extends the resort Nissaki on which you will find numerous lodgings and shops, as well as a beautiful beach with a verdant landscape, white pebbles and crystal clear waters. MORE

Rachi is a small settlement above the main road, which connects the city of Corfu to Kassiopi, built in one of the most beautiful locations of the island: into a verdant landscape, above beautiful beaches, with a view of the sea and the opposite mountain tops of Albania. Rachi, which has no touristy development, borders with the villages Gimari in the south and Vlachatika in the north and is at a distance of about 7 kilometers from Kassiopi which is the commercial and tourism center of the region. MORE

Vigla is a small settlement at an altitude of 250 meters, located just above the sea strait that separates Corfu from Albania. Besides, its naming comes from «Vigla», the region from which someone could supervise the movement of the ships in the sea. Vigla is built in a verdant environment and with a view of Kalami beach and of the picturesque harbor of Kouloura. In Vigla you will mainly find rentable rooms and villas overlooking the sea. It is an ideal destination for tranquil holidays and is offered for hiking and small excursions to picturesque villages of the inland. The sea is about 2 kilometers away, with Kalami beach being the closest one. Kouloura is also a beautiful beach with pebbles, on which you will find taverns, coffee shops and mini markets and it is approximately 8 kilometers away from Vigla. MORE

Meggoulas is a small, traditional settlement built at an altitude of 500 meters in the north-eastern slopes of the mountain of Pantokratoras . Meggoulas is built in a verdant location with a magnificent view. The nearest village, Porta, is at a distance of 1,5 kilometers, while at a distance of about 8 kilometers are situated the famous, beautiful beaches of Kalami, Kerasia, Avlaki and the picturesque resort of Kassiopi. In Meggoulas there are a few old houses made of stone which have been renovated and have been converted to rentable residences for tourists who love nature and isolation. MORE

Imerolia is a small, seaside settlement, at a distance of a few hundred meters from the large resort Kassiopi , on the north-eastern part of the island. In Imerolia, above the homonymous beach, there are numerous touristy lodgings, mainly rentable rooms which have direct access to the beach. In Kassiopi you will find restaurants, bars and many kinds of shops. MORE

Kentroma is a small village in the north-eastern part of the island, built in a verdant landscape and with a wonderful view of the sea, Kalami beach and the mountain tops of Albania. Kentroma with its few inhabitants is situated on the road which leads from the city of Corfu to Kassiopi. Very close to the village, are located some of the most beautiful beaches of the island for those who prefer pebbles, such as the beaches of Kalami, Krouzeri and Nissaki which are fully organized. MORE

Agnitsini is a large settlement where, in recent years many bungalows and luxurious villas have been built. Agnitsini is built in the north-eastern end of the island, at an altitude of 180 meters, above Agios Stefanos Sinion and the lovely beach of Kerasia, into a verdant environment with dense vegetation. Agnitsini is about 4 kilometers away from Kassiopi which is the touristy and commercial center of the region. MORE

Kokkokilas is a mountainous, small settlement above Agios Stefanos Sinion. In this region there are quite a few luxurious villas that are rented during the summer to those who desire tranquility and isolation on their holidays. The view from Kokkokilas is enchanting. It overlooks the north-eastern shores of the island and the opposite continental shores of Albania. Near Kokkokilas, there are scattered tiny villages: Kokkini, Tritsi, Agnitsini and Kremithas. MORE

Rou, just until a few years ago was almost an abandoned settlement on the mountain of Pantokratoras in the north-eastern part of the island. Today, this small settlement is a district of the English, who bought old houses made of stone, of more than 200 years, they renovated them and they use them either as holiday houses, or they rent them to tourists during the summer. Rou, which is surrounded by dense olive groves, offers a beautiful view of the sea and of the Albanian mountains and it is an ideal haven for absolute tranquility. MORE

Kellia is a small district above the cosmopolitan Kassiopi, at an altitude of about 150 meters from the sea level. In Kellia there, are only a few residences, mostly villas, built on a location with a magnificent view of Kassiopi and of the Albanian mountains. MORE

Apolisi is a small village built at an altitude of 225 meters, on the eastern slopes of the mountain Pantokratoras. Below Apolisi extends the touristy Nissaki on which there are numerous lodgings, shops, restaurants and coffee shops, above its magnificent pebbly beach . MORE

Kremithas is a mountainous, traditional settlement of very small size and with few residents, which is perched on the verdant slopes of Pantokratoras, in the north-eastern part of the island. Old houses made of stone, one next to the other and picturesque alleyways synthesize the scenery of this tranquil and secluded place of the island. Kremithas borders with the villages Agnitsini and Kariotiko and is at a distance of about 6,5 kilometers from the touristy Kassiopi. MORE

The settlement Vlachatika is located above the verdant hill in Kalami and offers a magnificent view of the continental shores of Albania. This settlement is built along the main road that connects the city of Corfu to Kassiopi, while on the slopes that reach up to the sea, many luxurious villas and apartments have been built which are rented to tourists who desire calm holidays on an idyllic, natural place. In Vlachatika you will also find some taverns. More options are found in the seaside Kalami with its marvelous pebbly beach and its turquoise waters. MORE

Santa is a small, mountainous settlement built on the eastern slopes of the mountain of Pantokratoras at an altitude of 380 meters. The nearest village is Meggoulas at a distance of approximately 1 kilometer. This region is not developed as far as tourism is concerned but, a tour there with a car will be unforgettable, not only for the view it offers but, also for the authentic pictures of the countryside you will encounter, while exploring these small villages. MORE

Katavolos is a small, tranquil, seaside settlement in the north-eastern shores of the island, right after the resort Nissaki and near the beautiful beach of Krouzeri. The houses and the taverns of the village are literally located on the shore, in front of a small and narrow pebbly beach. Katavolos is surrounded by verdant hills, on which some houses have been built with a magnificent view of the sea. MORE

Kariotiko is a small settlement built on a verdant slope above the picturesque, fishing village of Agios Stefanos Sinion. Kariotiko mostly has bungalows and luxurious villas which are rented by wealthy tourists who seek seclusion and tranquility during their holidays. The nearest beaches to Kariotiko are Kerasia in the south and Avlaki in the north, beaches with big, white pebbles, surrounded by dense vegetation which reaches up to the sea. MORE

The village Kokkini on the northern part of the island is a traditional settlement with few inhabitants in the region of Sinies. Sinies, which was an old community, was constituted of 17 small districts, including amongst others, Kokkini and extended from the region of Kouloura to the threshold of Kassiopi. The root of the name derives from the Latin world SINIUM which means «signal» or «sign», and was named this way, probably because of its position above the sea and from the signal which warned the inhabitants of these villages, when an enemy ship was approaching. MORE

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