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Built on the inland of the Corfiot countryside, Valanio is a small and traditional village with great history which dates back to the beginning of the 15th century.

The name of the village probably derives from the world Valanio which the Romans used for baths, as there is an opinion that back in those days, a Roman bath was situated in the banks of Mavrolimni, nowadays a small lake which is located between Valanio and Kyprianades. There is also a second opinion concerning the name which says that it probably comes from the oak tree (velanidia) because before planting olive trees which created the famous Corfiot olive grove, the region was full of oak trees.

Valanio is famous for its tradition of music. In the village live 350 people and it is said that all of them are occupied with music. The choir of Valanio has a long history and its fame surpasses the boundaries of Corfu. The «Koro», as the choir is called, sings traditional and ecclesiastical music, such as «arekia», improvised songs, something similar to the mantinades (folk Cretan couplets) in Crete.

The main concert of the choir takes place during the days of the feast of Panagia on August 15th, at the spring of the village in a small theater with wooden stands. Valanio is approximately 28 kilometers away from the city of Corfu and it is located on the road, which leads to Roda, & Acharavi in the northern part of the island.


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