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Velonades is a lowland village near the beaches  of northern Corfu. It extends to a large area and includes the settlements of Livadi, Kounavades and Psathyla.

Velonades is an old village mentioned in written sources of 1472. Its name probably came from the surname Velonis. This surname suggests someone who worked with needles during the Byzantine years. Velonades has very impressive old mansions which are maintained, some in good condition and unfortunately, others are in ruins, such are the mansion of Makris and the mansion of Mariena, meaning the wife of a man called Marios. Velonades introduces intense, cultural activity with a very active, cultural club.

It has a small folklore museum with old tools and household items, a library, a conservatory and a dance group.

The residents of Velonades are occupied today in the tourism industry, in the nearby resorts of Sidari and Acharavi. In Velonades you will find some rentable rooms and houses if you wish to have calm holidays away from the crowds of the touristy regions.  In the settlement Livadi in Velonades you will see an old oil mill of 1900 which the owners today keep intact, with all the tools of that time and the large, millstones which were used to crush the olives.


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