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Agros, a very beautiful village in the inland, is located on the road that leads from the city of Corfu  to the beaches  of the north. Many houses, courtyard doors, alleys and old churches take the visitor to another place and time. Agros is one of the oldest villages in Corfu. The main road that crosses Agros was built by the English colonizers in 1850.

In Agros you will see the church of Agios Iakovos, in an olive grove which dates back to 1780 and is recently renovated. Local attractions include the female Monastery of Pantokratoras, near the settlement of Agios Athanasios which is built on a verdant cliff with olive groves and cypress trees, characteristics of the Corfiot landscape.

Agros also includes the settlements Aspiotades, Manatades and Rafalades. Rafalades is a very old settlement with most of its houses in ruins and few residents still live there. It is worthwhile visiting this settlement in order to see the ruins of big mansions and wander in its deserted alleys.

39.72044,19.7249    39°43’13”N 19°43’29”E

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