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Armenades is a tiny village, 32 kilometers away from the city of Corfu  in the north. Its name comes from the Armenians who settled in the island after they were persecuted and were forced to leave their motherland during the 16th century. The wealthy Corfiots gave them work in their olive groves where, they worked in groups and that is how gradually they formed their own settlements.

The Armenians did not only settle in Armenades but, also in the neighboring high ground, named today Rachtades . Besides, in both villages, even today, most of the inhabitants’ surname is Armenis.

Armenades has remarkable churches from which stands out the church of Agia Anastassia with rare and very old murals.

The area of Armenades includes the southern settlement Termenades, as well as a part of the beautiful beach of Agios Georgios Pagon. Armenades is also situated very close to the vast, sandy beach Arillas.

39.74485,19.68956    39°44’41”N 19°41’22”E

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