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A small and quiet village, Kopsocheilades, is built on a hill with a panoramic view of the meadows and of many villages of the region of Gyros, as the region west of Pantokratoras  is called. The village seems to have a long history because you can find it in written sources of the year 1469 with this specific name.

The name Kopsocheilades comes from the surname Kopsocheilis which is not found today in the village. This surname probably goes back to the Byzantine years, when the violators of the law were punished with severe sentences, including among others, the cutting of their lips.

In the region of Kopsocheilades there is also the place-name Makrychora where, according to tradition and scarce findings, mainly ceramics, there was a city from ancient times.

The main church of the village is Agios Nikolaos which is mentioned in scriptures of the year 1530. The festival of the village takes place for many years on the feast of Analipsi, with the homonymous church having been renovated recently. Kopsocheilades is about 30 kilometers from the city of Corfu  in the north-west.

39.74829,19.72312    39°44’53”N 19°43’23”E

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