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A beautiful and very old village, Pagi, is built on the northern slopes of the mountain Istoni in dense vegetation and with many flowing waters. The name of the village probably comes from the ancient word «pax» which means a rocky high ground or a steep cliff because as you enter the village there are six imposing cliffs of great dimensions. Besides, in the surrounding area, ancient findings have been located and this is why some researchers relate it to the Homeric city of Faiakes.

In Pagi you will also be able to see an impressive waterfall on the road before the entrance to the village. In front of it a big cliff rises, with a hole in its middle from which flow the waters of the waterfall.

Inside the village you will be impressed by the picturesque cobbled roads, the old mansion with the imposing gates and the elaborate coats of arms, the beautiful churches and the old «loutrouvia». Across the main square you will see the spring of 1777, with its five hydrants. In the center of the village dominates the church of Agioi Theodoroi and Agia Triada with its imposing bell-tower and in its interior, an elaborate icon screen.

For those who love movies, it is worth mentioning that in Pagi, on a crossroad in the center of the village where, the roads have a difference of height of three meters, a scene was filmed from the James Bond movie «For your eyes only» with Roger Moore.

During the Venetian occupation, Pagi was an administrative, a commercial and an economic center. Even then it produced very good wine  for which it is famous even today, as well as many fruits. From Pagi you can visit some of the beaches  in north-western Corfu, such as Ai Giorgios in Pagi, one of the most beautiful of the island.

39.7081,19.70207    39°42’29”N 19°42’7”E

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