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Trekking pathways

In northern Corfu, there are dozens of places suitable for trekking, either by the sea, in the highlands or through the traditional settlements. The massif of Pantokrator, alternating with diverse beaches and the beautiful natural corners, offers a lot of pathways, from a few hundreds m up to several km.

Local roads through the picturesque villages of northern Corfu, pathways in the olive groves, small pine forests and coastal areas with trees and routes through old monasteries and historical residences offer to all trekkers a special experience. With or without special equipment, northern Corfu promises you pathways with unique natural beauty, mansions from another era and atmospheric beaches.

Trekking on Erimitis (Hermit) Pathway
Following a shoreline area completely unspoiled and untouched by tourism, Erimitis pathway starts from Agios (Saint) Stefanos of Sinies and ends on the beach Avlaki. On this route you’ll walk through dense vegetation, you’ll find completely secluded beaches, as well as 3 lakes, important wetlands and refuge for rare birds. The total length of the path does not exceed 1.5 h. Erimitis path, starting from Agios Stefanos continues eastern over the coastline. The route alternates passing by small headlands and beaches. The edge of Xylokeratia, where said that once was a quarry, beach Aspalathras which took its name from the homonymous bush that grows in the area and the well-protected Korfovonia bay, where the existence of wells prove agricultural activity in past eras. Read more


Trekking on Mountain Pantokratoras (Almighty)
Pantokratoras is the highest mountain in Corfu with an altitude up to 917m. There you’ll discover the traditional small villages Palia (Old) Perithia and Nea (New) Perithia. Prepare yourself to walk on paths among cypresses and buildings in a mix of Greek and Italian style. If you approach the start and ending point of the mountain on foot, you can notice the Italian influence in the architecture of this quiet mountain village. This wonderful ride takes you on a circuit of the high ridge of the Cross. All the way you can enjoy the fantastic view from the altitude of Pantokrator. Following the road to the Cross, you’ll pass the house in Dafnata and than, walking on the main road, you’ll see the Stroggyli valley, the Korission lake and the mountain villages Agios (St.) Mathaios and Vounatiades. On our way up we’ll find a magnificent cave, used as shelter years ago. Once again, the geographical landscape looks amazing. A little further, after a short detour, there is a magical chapel, built upon rocks overhanging the hill. Read more

Trekking along Antinioti lagoon
This path starts from Agios (Saint) Spyridon of Perithia from a bridge that divides the beach from the lagoon Antinioti and is the ultimate ecological path. Though its length is less than 2km, but if you follow the vertical paths you’ll reach a 13km route through the forest between the lagoon and the loutra-loutra (otter). TheEurasianotterisasmallanimalthat lives on the shores of Antinioti lagoon, and is considered one of the rarest and most endangered mammals on the continent. As the species is an important indicator regarding the health of mountain water, is strictly protected in all EU countries. Following the path, the view alternates with the lagoon on the east, the almost untouched beaches on the west and in the middle the unique natural beauty of the forest. Read more

Trekking in Palia (Old) Perithia
Here the hike has an architectural and historical interest. It starts from the traditional settlement of Palia Perithia through the village and by the old road ends at the foothills of Pantokratoras. The path has no highly demands. You can get water and refreshments in the village as the taverns remain open. The route alternates from paved trails to dirt roads. You may run into wild goats, and see eagles and quarries. Read more


Trekking in Nymphes
At Nymphes the path is simple marked in blue and red colors, and lasts about 45’. The path starts from the square in Nymphes village, following the signs on the road. On the crossroad to Askitario turns right. From there, following the blue signs, you’ll reach the grave of hermit Artemios Paisios from Epirus Read more



The Corfu Trail
The Corfu Trail is the longest walking route in the island, covering approximately 220 kilometers of beautiful paths which begin from the south and reach up until the northern part of Corfu. This hiking lasts approximately 10 days and passes through rural and forest areas of the island, bypasses the most developed regions, includes places that offer a beautiful view, wetlands, beaches, picturesque medieval villages, monuments, monasteries and very different kinds of landscapes. Read more



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