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Astrakeri beach

Astrakeri beach is a small, sandy beach in front of the homonymous settlement  on the northern coast of the island. Astrakeri beach, which was a pirates’ den during the Venetian occupation, is now a tranquil beach suitable for families with small children.

It may be short in length but, it is quite wide, suitable for having fun in the sand. It is said that the region was named after «astrakia», small flowers, which according to the myth, were given the name of the goddess Asteria who cried because she could not see stars when see looked down to the earth. According to the local Corfiot dialect «Astrakeri» means the location that is covered with astrakes.

In Astrakeri beach you will find deck-chairs and parasols to let. The very long pier where, the fishermen tie their boats stands out in Astrakeri beach and is ideal for taking a stroll. In Astrakeri beach there are two taverns. For more options you must go to the nearby resorts Sidari and Roda, which are located, the first in the west and the second in the east of Astrakeri.

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39.79606,19.75656    39°47’45”N 19°45’23”E

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