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Canal d’ amour

The Canal d’ amour (Channel of Love) is probably the most famous and most special beach on the island. It is situated in Peroulades (near Sidari), on the northern coasts of the island at a distance of about 32 kilometers from the city  of Corfu.

The annual d’amour is a natural masterpiece, perhaps the only one in the Mediterranean. It is an opening created by the corrosive effect of the water and the air above the cliff made of sandstone. With each year that passes, the continuous effects of the elements of nature change the natural environment of the Channel of Love creating in some parts canals with turquoise waters and in other parts small caves and bights.

The beach that has been formed in the channel of love is small. Because of this you will find many bathers who have placed their towels on the rocks on the right and the left sides of the beach. Every summer thousands of tourists visit the Channel of Love therefore it is wise to get there early in the morning in order to find some space and you must also be very patient because it is very crowded. Don’t forget to explore the caves with a mask which extend across the Channel.

The naming of Channel of Love comes from the tradition that all couples swimming there remain in love forever. Access to the Channel of Love is easy, by car you can get very close to the beach.

39.79705,19.69821    39°47’49”N 19°41’53”E

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