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Kassiopi’s beaches

Imerolia beach
Just after Kassiopi, on the road to Agios Spyridonas, is located Imerolia beach. It is a narrow, sandy beach which is not organized. On its left there is a small port where, small fishing boats and sailing vessels anchor. Just above the beach in the small settlement Imerolia, there are multiple rooms and apartments to rent which have direct access to the beach. The nearest restaurants and bars are found in Kassiopi which is less than one kilometer away from Imerolia beach. Right across on your right you can see Kalamionas beach which is the main beach in Kassiopi.
39.78823,19.91066    39°47’17”N 19°54’38”E

Kalamionas beach
Kalamionas is the large, central beach in Kassiopi on the west of the settlement and it is the most accessible one compared to the rest in this large resort. It is consisted of a mixture of pebbles and sand and it has been awarded with the Blue Flag from the European Union for its clean waters. Its only disadvantage is the fact that the waters have seaweeds. Along Kalamionas beach there are many coffee shops and one tavern where, you can buy water, coffee and snacks. It is an organized beach with parasols, deck-chairs and showers. A diving school is based here for those who wish to dive in the very interesting sea bed. To the left of the beach at a distance of about 1 kilometer from Kassiopi is situated Imerolia beach which is the most tranquil and less developed touristy.
39.78894,19.91846    39°47’20”N 19°55’6”E

Pipitou beach
Pipitou beach in Kassiopi is probably the most beautiful in this large resort. You will find it below the north-western side of Kassiopi Castle and in order to reach it you must descent a small, rocky slope. But, it is worth the trouble, as you will be enchanted by the crystal waters which are so clear in Pipitos beach that you can see, even from high above, the sea bed. The beach is composed of tiny pebbles and sand while on its ends, both left and right, it is rocky. In Pipitos beach you will find parasols and deck-chairs. You can also rent canoes and pedalos.
39.79296,19.91961    39°47’34”N 19°55’10”E

Bataria beach
Bataria beach is one of the most impressive beaches in Kassiopi with turquoise waters and shiny pebbles. You will find it on the road that stretches north of the port, «nestled» under verdant slopes. Far away you can distinguish the coast of Albania. Bataria beach has got very clean waters. You can rent parasols and deck-chairs there. Not only do the swimmers lay down their towels on the beach but, also on the smooth rocks, at the ends of this small beach. If you pass by the small rocks on the left side of the beach you will reach another more impressive beach of the region, Kanoni beach in Kassiopi, which in contrary to sand, gravel or pebbles it is covered with large, smooth rocks where, numerous deck-chairs and parasols are placed. This beach is also accessible by following the path above Bataria beach.
39.79372,19.92052    39°47’37”N 19°55’13”E

Kanoni beach in Kassiopi
Very special and relatively secluded, Kanoni beach in Kassiopi offers smooth rocks and a small sandy part above deep blue waters. Kanoni beach in Kassiopi is the only place on the island where, you will find cliffs so suitable that you can place countless of deck-chairs and parasols upon them. It is a unique beach with smooth rocks from where you can jump into the deep blue waters. On its left side there is a small sandy part. Kanoni beach in Kassiopi is the locals’ favorite because it is more secluded compared to the rest of the beaches in the settlement and it is located at the end of the verdant peninsula, with a view of the shores of Albania just across. You can reach Kanoni beach in Kassiopi, either by a passable path from the adjacent Bataria beach  or by the small cliffs on the left of the same beach.
39.79473,19.9198    39°47’41”N 19°55’11”E

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