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Historical tourism

Northern Corfu is not only about sea, events and arts. Includes several admirable monuments and historical sites, even for the most demanding visitors, thus the higher value of tourist product. You can find these remarkable archaelogical northern sites within the relevant section, while we'll present you sites, worth visiting, of particular historic value.

Nymphes Askitario (Nymphs’ Hermitage): Abandoned for a long time, the monastic Hermitage complex stands Northern to the village Nymphes (Nymphs). It’s considered one of the oldest Christian monuments on the island. Recently, there was a study on its buildings aiming their restoration presented as “Interpreting the breath of history edifices”. Beyond its historic value, the beautiful environment, the dense forest and the bordering valley constitute an interesting destination for all nature lovers and trekkers. MORE

Old Sinies: One of the old settlements in northern Corfu, Palies (Old) Sinies still stands on the foothills of Pantokratoras massif. It’s located about 40km from Corfu town, and less than 10km from Kassiopi. Its houses stand probably from 17th century, while the village was abandoned during the 60ies, when its residents moved on the Nisaki (Little Island), the seaside modern village, one of the most touristic villages in northern Corfu. MORE

Old Perithia: The island of Corfu, often described as the ‘Emerald island’, is well known for its Venetian architecture, beautiful beaches, turquoise seas, abundance of flora and fauna, Greek tavernas and a wonderful sense of hospitality wherever you go. But to many, the ancient village of Old Peritheia remains something of an enigma. MORE

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