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Sea sports

Northern Corfu has the best beaches in the island. The most of them have all sea sports facilities available for the visitors. You can enjoy these activities either by yourself, or within one of the plenty sea sports operations.

If you can't get enough of water sports, then you have to try the absolute water activity. Parasailing will lift you up, so you can enjoy the view, from almost 50m high. By yourself or along with a friend, you’ll have the chance to fly safely, enjoying the fresh air and the sun. No experience needed as you will get all the information from instructors. A few fast steps you’ll need to do before the power of the boat and the wind will lift you up. All required equipment is provided by instructors.


Water Ski
Either beginner or experienced rider, don't hesitate to try out water ski in the most suitable sea surface in Northern Corfu. Water ski is a sport that combines a total body workout with the opportunity to enjoy and have fun in the sea. Based on instructors’ experience, you’ll learn all required secrets so you can enjoy safe and fun ski-rides. Experienced and certified instructors will provide you a full training by the most modern and safe methods. You can try double-ski, single-ski or barefoot.


Water rings (ringo)
Water rings (ringo) are perfect those who want to test their adrenaline limits. Gather your friends or your family and take a ride with them. You will fly above the waves, slide left and right but always with safety equipment to protect you. A ride with the rings can be fast, adventurous and wet, or calm and relaxing.



Wakeboard is one of the most famous water sports around the world. Northern Corfu offers the perfect sea surface so you can learn, or develop more your skills. Don't hesitate to try out wakeboard, no matter your experience level. Try it out for the first time or improve yourself by participating in a contest.



If you want to have fun with your friends and family, you should try a ride with inflatables. Feel your adrenaline high, but always with safety, and jump up and down on the waves. Inflatables are ideal for young and old people. They provide safety and speed at the same time and their stability makes them the right choice even for people that don't like to get wet.

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