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Northern Corfu beaches

Emerald beaches for all taste. Sandy, pebble, exotic, small and large beaches cover about 25 km from Arilla to Kassiopi. A lot of them awarded with blue international flags, offering many services.

Canal D’ Amour beach. On the left edge of Sidari, within Peroulades, you will find a spectacular view created by amazing sandstone formations. Small caves with warm water invite you to swim. On the left edge you’ll find the notorious Canal D’ Amour, a tunnel trough the rock. The legend says that if you swim in to the tunnel you’ll find the love of your life, maybe because the elders think that only there you feel a deep need to share your life with someone. Conditions: Blue flag, sea sports, scuba diving, restaurants, bars, hotels, rental rooms, shops, supermarkets, doctor’s practices, tourist offices, rental cars, bikes, boats. Nearby we can find the large beaches, and the shopping mall of Sidari. Also nearby was revealed a settlement date from middle age stone as well as ceramics from new age stone. MORE

Logas beach. The beach Logas, one of the most atmospheric in Greece, is situated within Peroulades. Majestic landscape, heavenly sunset. The beach lies under the clay cliffs, with clean green water, while nearby we’ll find the “Cape Drastis”, outcome of a stormy relation between sea and land. Sidari. A traditional tourist resort situated in northwest Corfu, with endless sand beaches and shallow and calm water. Sidari offers every kind of services as well as a lot of small shops, restaurants and bars. For the kids (and not only) operates a water park. From its port, the boats will take you to beautiful small islands as Erikousa. MORE

Sidari beach: Sidari beach is a large and sandy beach, which extends along the main road, below the homonymous resort on the northern shores of the island. It is located between the small port and the famous Channel of Love, one of the most famous sights in the whole island. For this reason, Sidari beach is one of the most visited and busy beaches whic, is mainly preferred by tourists who flood this region every summer. MORE

Astrakeri beach. Between Sidari and Roda we'll find the quiet beach of Astrakeri. Astrakeri beach is a small, sandy beach in front of the homonymous settlement  on the northern coast of the island. Astrakeri beach, which was a pirates’ den during the Venetian occupation, is now a tranquil beach suitable for families with small children. It may be short in length but, it is quite wide, suitable for having fun in the sand. MORE

Roda beach. An important resort of Northern Corfu. Its sandy beaches reach up tu Aprao and St. Spyridon, with clean and calm water and an interesting environment represent a perfect place for holidays even from Roman ages, as show the archaeological findings of Roman mansions. MORE

Acharavi beach. The beach of Acharavi is one of the larger in Corfu. Extends in front of the commercial centre of the area and finds to east the Almyros beach and to west the Roda beach. The beach has sandy as well as small pebbles areas, and its shallow water is perfect for children. Here you can find rental umbrellas, beach chairs, showers and spots with sea sports as water ski. Next to the beach there are a lot of restaurants and taverns, coffee houses and bars open until late hours for vacationers. Even tough, you can find quiet isolated spots to enjoy swimming, even on days with plenty of people. MORE

St. Spyridon beach. We find another beautiful and quiet beach on the border of north and northeast coast, nearby the preserved wetland of Antinioti lake, between tourist resort of Kassiopi and Acharavi. This is a quiet place, with crystal water ideal for kids, with a characteristic chapel of St. Spyridon and a few taverns. Near by we can see the monastery of St. Ekaterina, established in 1713, with its remarkable fresco paintings. MORE

Almiros beach. Right after the beach of St. Spyridon begins a wide sandy area with a length about 7 km. The first part is Almiros beach. A relative quiet place with sand dunes, shallow water and taverns. MORE

Kalamaki beach: Kalamaki, also known as Apraos is the first sandy beach on the north-eastern coasts of the island and is located between the popular tourist resorts of Kassiopi  and Acharavi. Kalamaki is a shore about 1,5 kilometers long known for its shallow waters. MORE

Kassiopi’s beaches.
Kanoni beach of Kassiopi: as nowhere else on the island, you can find rocks suitable for beach chairs and umbrellas. This is an unique beach, with large rocks where from you can jump into the blue water, and with a small sandy area on its left side. This beach is the favorite among residents as is more isolate over all other beaches within the settlement. You also can see across the Albanian coast. In order to reach the beach you can use the easy path from Bataria beach, or the rocks on the left side of the beach.
Bataria beach: is one of the most astonishing in Kassiopi, with its blue-green water and shiny pebbles. You‘ll find it from the road on the north side of the port. Across you can see the Albanian coast. Its waters are very clean. There are available rental beach chairs and umbrellas, but you can stretch your towel on the smooth rocks, on the edge of the beach.
Kalamionas beach: is the central large beach, on the west side of Kassiopi, easy to reach. The beach has a mix of sand and pebbles and holds a blue flag of UE for its clean water. The only inconvenient is about algae. Along the beach you’ll find a lot of coffee houses and one tavern. There are also rental beach chairs, umbrellas and showers. There is also a scuba diving school so you can explore the beautiful depth around the area. Toward the left side of the beach you’ll find Imerolias beach, about 1 km distance from Kassiopi.
Imerolias beach: right after Kassiopi, on the road to St. Spyridon we find this isolated and quiet beach. There are no facilities available on this sandy beach. On its left side there is a small port with small boats, and sailing boats. Near the beach there are a lot of rental rooms and apartments. The closest restaurants and bars are in Kassiopi, about 1 km distance.
Pipitou beach: maybe the most beautiful beach in Kassiopi. You’ll find it on the northwest side of the Kassiopi’s Castle. You must go down a rocky hillside, but once you’ve reached the beach you’ll fell enchanted by its crystal clear water. This is a mix sandy and pebbles beach, with rocks on its sides. Available rental beach chairs and umbrellas, canoes, and sea bikes. MORE

Kerasia beach: One of the most beautiful locations on the island. Kerasia beach is an awesome beach, with white pebbles, surrounded by abundant vegetation, with crystalline water, not far from Kassiopi, and right after St. Stefanos. So not by chance, we’ll find a lot of luxury mansions, such as Rothschild’s mansion where you can see as guest personalities from the international jet set. Kerasia beach is a quiet spot where you can find a tavern and a mini market, also available rental beach chairs and umbrellas as well as sea bikes and canoes. Following the road which passes through St. Stefanos fishers’ village, after about 1,5 km you’ll reach Kerasia beach. MORE

Agios Stefanos Sinion beach (San Stefano) is a small traditional fishers’ village situated on an amazing green location between Kerasia beach and Kassiopi, which is at a distance of 3 km. Characterized as a luxury resort due to the fact that is full of private villas of local and foreign businessmen. It provides peaceful vacation near by sea. On its left side you’ll find a small beach full of pebbles where available rental beach chairs and umbrellas. On the beach you’ll find a few taverns with traditional Greek food, mini market and tourist shops. You’ll need to rent a car, if you decide to spend your vacation here, as its location is far from the central road, where can take the buses to Kassiopi or to the centre of the island. Northern of St. Stefanos there are 2 ecosystems: the Akoli lake and Vromolimni lake. A network of pathways will lead you to the Erimiti’s area, one of the most beautiful and isolated beaches on the island, meanwhile a signaled path leads you to the great Avlaki beach. MORE

Avlaki beach: a beautiful beach with green and blue waters, near to Kassiopi. Is a relatively wild beach, most of the times windy, preferred by surfers. Perfect for those who hate sand and aim for privacy. There are few taverns at the end of the road. Also you can rent boats, sea bikes, canoes and of course surf equipment. Is the perfect place to relax, to walk, to ride or to enjoy scuba diving. Most visitors are tourists from Kassiopi hotels around the area. From Avlaki begins a marvelous signaled path to the Erimitis’ Peninsula, where you can find a lot of totally isolated beaches and 3 lakes ecosystems as Savoura, Vromolimni and Akoli. MORE

Arillas beach: Arillas beach is known for its shallow waters and its sand, this is why it is preferred by families with children. It is located in front of the settlement Arillas but, it stretches for hundreds of meters both towards the North and the South. At the ends of Arillas beach rise imposing slopes of clay which are used by many people as natural cosmetics covering their face and all their body. Its advantage though is the spectacular view of the sea. It faces the uninhabited islet of Gravia  and far away, Mathraki. It is worthwhile staying at the beach until late in the afternoon in order to admire the unique sunset. MORE

Agios Stefanos Avlioton beach: Agios Stefanos Avlioton beach is one of the most beautiful in Corfu. It stretches out in front of the homonymous settlement  and just across the beach are situated the Diapontia Islands, Othonoi, Ereikoussa  and Mathraki. Agios Stefanos Avlioton beach is huge and is covered with sand and has turquoise waters. At the ends of the beach you will also find small coves made of sedimentary rocks. MORE

Drastis beach: Drastis is not exactly a beach but, a small fiord located on the outskirts of the shore, on the north-western side of the island. Drastis is hidden in a beautiful wooded landscape and in order to get there you must drive – only if you have a jeep – on a rough dirt road 1,5 kilometers long, or else you can walk. It is also accessible by sea using a boat or a vessel. MORE

Gialos beach: Gialos is a peaceful beach below the village of Karousades in northern Corfu. It is a small beach with sand and pebbles, completely at large with no infrastructure for swimmers. Above Gialos rises a vertical cliff which offers shade to the swimmers. MORE

Kogevinas beach: One of the most isolated beaches in northern Corfu. We find it between Kassiopi and Agios (St) Stefanos, ahead of Avlaki beach. It’s easy to reach it, but the dust road leading to the beach is a little difficult to spot from the main road. Due to this fact, the beach is relatively empty of people.  It’s a mostly large pebbles beach, with its 2 edges sandy. MORE

Porto Timoni is a beautiful beach, well hidden and not particularly known, below Afionas village and near Agios Georgios Pagi. Essentially, it is about two different beaches which, are separated by a narrow strip of land. The small one is called Limni and the big one Porto Timoni. In fact, this location is magnificent as verdant, dense hills end upon these two beaches, one with blue waters and the second with more deep blue waters MORE

Agios Georgios beach of Pagon is a large, sandy beach surrounded by olive and cypress trees. Many people consider it the most beautiful beach in the island. It is awarded with the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and the quality of the services provided. MORE


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